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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pursing A Career As A Veterinarian

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According to Business News and Financial News, Veterinarian is one of the twentieth best careers, and the twelfth best health care job to obtain. One reason why this particular career is so popular is because there is a large hiring demand. It is also ranked high for the level of stress level and work life balance, salary, and employment rate (“The 100 Best Jobs”). The above facts are the reasons why this is a career that I can see myself pursuing in the future. Being in the Veterinary Medicine career comes with a great deal of responsibilities, benefits, negative aspects, and an excessive amount of schooling.
Veterinarians have been around for a long time. “The story of veterinary medicine goes back to Urlugaledinna, who lived in 3000 BC in Mesopotamia” (“History of the veterinary profession.”).
In Veterinary medicine career there are many activities performed on an everyday basis. Veterinarians are expected to examine, diagnose, treat, perform surgery, euthanize, and prescribe medication for animals on a daily basis. Veterinarians have a great number of duties to complete during their work day.
There are many benefits of being a Veterinarian. One particular gain from being a Veterinarian is the salary ("Malone, Maureen"). Although the “earnings of Veterinarians depend on the type, size, and geographic location of the practice and the individual's amount of experience” (“Veterinarian”), in 2012, “The median annual wage for veterinarians was $84,460” (“Pay”). The second advantage of being a Veterinarian is that there are plenty of job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of veterinarians is projected to grow twelve percent from the year’s twenty-twelve to twenty-twenty two. This means that the demand for Veterinarians will increase and there will be more job openings. The third advantage of being a Veterinarian is the ability to choose your own specialty. In other words, Veterinarians get to choose what type of animals they want to work with. For example, domestic, livestock, or wildlife animals are a few specialties in which a Veterinarian can choose from. The final benefit of being a Veterinarian is that they can get certified in over forty specialty areas. This means that they are not restricted in the type of animals they work with. There are numerous advantages of being a Veterinarian and they are the things that are important in the Veterinarian career.
There are also negative aspects of joining the Veterinary Medicine career. These disadvantages include exposure to injury, disease, and radiation. Since Veterinarians are constantly surrounded by animals throughout their work day, they may be bitten, scratched or even kicked from their patients who are either injured or simply afraid. At the same time, there are animals that are seen by Veterinarians because they have a need for treatment for diseases. Since this is true, it means that Veterinarians are constantly at risk of catching these...

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