Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television For Children

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Benefits of watching television at the young age would be that children’s social skill, emotional skill and creativity can be improved by watching the talk shows; it is proved by a study. For example, Children can learn how to communicate with other people and how to react properly when they are asked to response. In addition, TV shows such as C.S.I Miami, Criminal Minds and Bones can teach children how to think logically and stragically. Although books can transfer the knowledge to the young generations, but it has limitations that certain facial expressions and body languages cannot be transferred by few words. Furthermore, the beautiful images of the nature on the tv screen can let ...view middle of the document...

When they watching TV, they do not much talking and communicate with others then, some children get social relationship difficulties. Also it will be interrupted growing their body.
Secondly, there is no barrier for children from violence and sexual contents via TV. Today's TV shows are one of good ways to get information all around world, however, it can not judge for its patrons. Therefore, parents need awareness for the quality of shows which their children watch. Television has good benefit for people, but people need to care of its contens and useness for them, especially, children.

Most of children like watching television these days. Some of parent do not accept their children to watch television, but another parent show television to their children. I have two kids, and I accept them watching television for one hour per day. Because there are advantages and disadvantages watching television. Children could get information, learn, experience during watching television. On the other hands, television shows children bad things like aggressive fights, sexual problems, and slangs.
Children could get lots of information like the animals, space, and history from television. I was surprised when I noticed that my son knew many kinds of animal’s life. He told me he got lots of information about the animal from television. Children tend to learn language with television. My girl speaks English very well even though she does not go to school. She has just watched television one hour per day. Children could experience lots of things while they are watching television. One day, my son explain how to boil eggs. He said he experience that during watching television. That was not really experience though.
On the contrary, many results show that television gives lots of disadvantages. Television shows many bad things like alcohol, drug, and fights. Children could watch all of programs without adult’s concern. They might get bad information, learn slang, and experience aggressive facts.
Watching television has advantages and disadvantage for children. But children do not know what is good or not. That is the reason parent has to lead their watching television. Children could get only advantages during watching television if parent care their watching.

Television has strong impact on our daily life ever since we were a little kid and its impact has advantages and disadvantages. From the past to the present, children has always been exposed to this TV and we argue everyday whether it has good impact or not to our precious children.
What are those advantages and disadvantages? Let's take a look at advantages first.
Tv is always a good friend to children. it is fun, and enjoyable that makes little kids laugh and entertained. It is like children's best friends. When they are home alone or with family and friends, they go in front of TV and spend fantastic time. It creates their imagination and they like to talk about it all together with family...

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