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Advantages Of After School Activities Essay

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After school activities are some organized activities students could participate after a traditional school day. A large number of students would like to join one or more extracurricular activities. As one of the strongest nations in this world today, the United States has the best education system, after school activities are indispensable in the system. After school activities are beneficial to students. Being involved in after-school activities like attending tutoring, joining school sports and volunteering in the community are good ways for students to learn and develop.
Tutoring is an after school activity that students can get answers of the questions they need help with very easily; besides this, there are also other advantages. If students go to an after-school tutoring, they can not only get help on specific areas they have trouble with, but also build their abilities of finding answers by themselves (Tearney). The director of Club Esteem said students get a lot of benefits at the organization; especially they can get help when they need help on some homework questions (Little). A tutor usually helps students on particular subjects; helps them who are struggling with their schoolwork, in order to improve their grades (Does Your Child Need a Tutor). If a student has been sick and missed some school days, it will be much more easier to catch up all missed lessons and assignments at an after-school tutoring than finding the teacher for help (Tearney). Improving students’ grades could be an effect of after-school tutoring, but it is absolutely not the only goal and focus. “Tutoring can lead students to concentrate on immediate performance to the exclusion of underlying learning issues” (Mendelsohn). Tutors could help the tutees to abandon their bad habits and develop some necessary and helpful skills for their academic career in order to lead them to success (Mendelsohn).
A great after-school tutoring program should encourage students to see the problem in different views, in order to move the students through more higher levels of thinking and develop students’ personality (Forster). Students may participate in some unexpected and bad activities, which can be really harmful and dangerous. After-school tutoring programs can prevent students from taking drugs and trying some other inappropriate and unhealthy activities. Tutoring is one of the after school activities that could lower these bad behaviors down and make students have less chances to experiment illegal actions; because students spent time at after-school tutoring programs and enjoy this as an interesting activity and a helpful way for their school lives (Chartrand). When students are trying to attempt some hard problems at tutoring, they will be less reliant on others over time. After-school tutoring not only could improve students’ grades, but also could encourage them to do more intensive practice and higher levels of study; have better time management skills and improve...

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