Advantages Of Cloning In Humans And Animals

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Advantages of Cloning in Humans and Animals

Cloning has existed for ages as a form of reproduction in nature. Now humans have harnessed the power to clone at will. This evokes an argument between those that support and those that do not support cloning. Among the population, there are fewer supporters than opponents. It might just be a gut reaction of humans to fear and suspect new technology, or it could be a well-founded fear. In the animal world, cloning could be used to save endangered species and increase production of livestock. In time, this relatively new technology may become a powerful and useful tool This study examines the many supporting arguments for cloning, including objectives, among them starting families, organ transplants, and medical research.
The creation of Dolly revolutionized the scientific world and sparked a flaming debate of what might one day become reality. Humans now had the power to intentionally create what is essentially a copy of another organism. One day humans might also be able to create a copy of other humans as well. The question that loomed over our heads since then is whether human cloning is ethical. Furthermore, would the cloning of larger, more complex animals such as livestock and pets be ethical? Supporters of this cutting edge technology often found, and still find themselves outnumbered by those who strongly oppose cloning. The minority is by no means wrong; their arguments are just as well grounded as their opponents’, sometimes better. Likewise, the other side is also well reasoned. Cloning has many assets, despite obvious faults. It is prudent to investigate the affirmative arguments for cloning rather than just looking at faults.
Cloning would be beneficial to help start families. Infertile couples could now produce children biologically related to at least one of them. It would also allow homosexual couples—namely lesbians—to have children who are related
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to at least one of them. Cloning would open up opportunities for single women, because they would no longer need to be dependent on men to start a family.
Apart from creating a family, cloning would also be helpful for preserving family. If someone were dying and needed an organ transplant, a clone could provide that organ. If someone lost their entire family, once again, they could have children related to them using their deceased loved ones' DNA.
It can be argued that cloning is unnatural. However, clones already exist in nature. Quite a great number of can reproduce by asexual reproduction that is, in essence, cloning. Additionally, cloning is not even new for humans. Twins are clones; in fact, they are even more identical than a clone would be. In a clone, one person provides the nucleus containing the DNA. The other, the egg donor, provides an egg without a nucleus. The nucleus does not actually provide all of the DNA. The mitochondria of the egg also affect the genetic information of the clone. However,...

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