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Benefits Of Comprehensive Sex Education Classes

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There are classes for every subject you can imagine ranging from simple subjects to farfetched theories. However, some people refuse to recognize the need for one class and that is sexual health education. I absolutely believe sexual health education is needed to better the quality of life for students today. While these classes should not encourage teens to participate in sexual acts, they should be accurate and state only facts about sex. Currently, a nationwide national curriculum is nonexistent, but federal money is being used to fund abstinence only programs (Mackler). Comprehensive sexual health classes delay sexual activity, reduce teen pregnancy, and lower the number of teens infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
Comprehensive sex education has had major effectiveness in encouraging youth to participate in sexual acts later than usual. This course teaches them how to be responsible with their sex life and control their urges. Research strongly backs this idea by examining current sexual education programs. Of the 23 classes, 40 percent of them are responsible for delaying sexual initiation and 14 classes showed a significant delay in the timing of first sex (Comprehensive). The component responsible for this is the curriculum for sexual education. The class helps students understand the importance of marriage and stable relationships as the main focus for progressive development in community and society (Sawyer). Delaying the initiation and amount of youth participating in sexual acts is just one small, but important, effect of sexual education.
Another newly rising problem is the alarming rate of pregnancies among teenagers. Sexual health classes provide relief for this problem by helping adolescents make and conscientious decisions by keeping them informed. According to the Advocates for Youth Organization, studies show that teens who took a comprehensive sex education course were 50 percent less likely to experience pregnancy. Of the 23 programs researched, 14 of them helped sexually active students increase their use of condoms and 9 programs showed improvements in getting youth to use other contraception measures (Comprehensive). Primarily, the reduction of teen pregnancy is the result of the increased use of contraception. Age-appropriate sex education works and increases condom and contraceptive use (Sujata). A more widespread use of comprehensive sexual health courses will continue to lower these rates.
Sexual health education also discusses the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. While some of these diseases are widely known like HIV, there are others that are just as hazardous. In-depth sex education classes would provide a thorough discussion and give students real-world advice on how to avoid them. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in four young women ages 15-19 has a STI (Comprehensive). This is an extremely high rate for people so young. The SIECUS report sheds light on the...

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