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Bicycles are traditionally thought of as the transport of choice for students and people who cannot afford a car. However, bicycles are fast becoming “the new golf” for the wealthy. Instead of playing a round of golf at an exclusive country club, many executives are choosing to do a few laps of Centennial Park or are commuting to work on their expensive road bikes. As society evolves we as humans are beginning to understand the effects of cars to the environment. As well as the price society is paying to use vehicle transport, society has evolved into a lackadaisical community. Cycling should be in day to day life because it is inexpensive, because it will make day-to-day life happier, and because it is a proven fact that people who cycle are typically healthier than people who do not partake in cycling.
There is no doubt that there are skeptics against the proposal of cycling for a general well-being of society, but there are many opinions benefiting the proposal. Jim Severt, an expert in the field of cycling from his vast career in marketing bike brands, building bikes, or pursuing cycling as a career. His experience of years of progression through the sport has benefited him to be a healthier and a happier member of society. Because he has experienced this, he feels as though society should partake in cycling in day-to-day life as a release from stress and to produce a healthier community. “Cycling really will affect your emotions do to the endorphins that are released while partaking in that event. Another form of an emotional response is the camaraderie a person develops through the friendships and bonds that are formed” (Severt). As society nears the future of automated machines and electronics that make life easier, cycling needs to be more known in day-to-day life. Cycling evolved completely, the chances of a hovering bike are there but there will always be some form of physical assertion required. “Physical benefits of cycling vary greatly. There are many forms of cycling from BMX,
mountain biking, and road biking. All forms of cycling focus on different muscle groups, but the general muscle groups that all require are leg strength and core strength” (ibid).
There are many opinions on the topic of cycling; many from experts, but non-cyclist have an opinion as well. Joey Thurman was interviewed to discover how citizens who do not partake in cycling feel about it. “I feel the physical benefits of cycling would definitely be the leg strength that could be developed in a short period of time” (Thurman). Joey is a football player so he understands the many requirements of maintaining a healthy stature and a strong mind. “Just like any sport, the brain responds with signals that can or will change your attitude, feelings, or both” (ibid). Joey’s interview also came to the conclusion that society has become lackadaisical and feels there should be some sort of mandate to have a healthier and more active society. As society changes so do our...

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