Benefits Of Emailed Management Essay

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Statement of Problem
Have you ever been on a team with 17 other people where daily it seems as if you are surrounded by utter confusion and chaos? Amongst the chaos no one seems to know what their roles and positions are on the team and no real clarity or sense of direction exists. If this is you then welcome to the world of management by email. A bright side, learning to work effectively with a boss who manages solely by email will decrease employee frustration, increase employee morale, and increase productivity.
Learning to work effectively with a boss who manages solely by email will decrease employee frustrations. When it comes to email our team has had its share of frustrations. Today’s email communications can more often than not be seen as a hindrance instead of a help. Daily we plow through the vast amounts of email which have circulated since just yesterday. From emails management that have gone unanswered whether by design or technical snafu to missing attachments that cause you to inadvertently miss a meeting or some other form of critical information, to the dreaded “reply to all” message you had no intention of sending. Email alone can be a communication nightmare.
Those caught in the cycle of email only communications are afforded a buffer of less personal accountability both on the part of the team member and management however, the frustrations with this form of communication mount consistently. Because of the subjective nature of email communication more often than not, the intended message of the email gets lost in interpretation.
Email by design, is supposed to keep people connected yet most often people feel an extreme disconnect. This disconnect creates a sense of avoidance between the manager and team member. Such avoidance can lead to frustration, conflict, misdirection and a decrease in employee confidence. When left uncheck this frustration will lead to a lack of motivation, employee morale and productivity.
Taking a combined approach to communication and including some face to face dialogue along with email lessens the chance that something is overlooked or misinterpreted. This two pronged approach affords more of an opportunity for both team members and management to communicate more frequently and effectively.
In addition, when team members learn to work effectively with a boss who manages solely by email the teams’ morale will increase. The opening of other avenues of dialogue such as with the incorporation of bi-weekly team meetings brings management and team members together in one place and allow team members and management to be heard. These meetings offer clarification when necessary as well as feedback and open floor discussions. The open floor discussions offer a manageable forum that can be utilized to clear up any misunderstandings or misinterpretations. This also lessens the amount...

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