Benefits Of Genetically Enhanced Food Pursuasive

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Agricultural science is one of the largest fields in which biotechnology is used and of which people benefit directly. So, what is genetically modified food and why is it used? With genetically modified food, it is possible to control various characteristic of crops, also enabling us to modify them to more desirable strains. This power to control the genetic traits of crops can bring economical benefits as well as medical benefits in the field of medicine. In Michael Chrichton's Jurassic Park, genetic engineering was used to recreate dinosaurs. This was a wonderful new technology that allowed paleontologist and scientist alike to discover new things about the extinct species while filling in gaps of missing information on certain animals in history books. However, this new-found power should only be used wisely with consideration to the complex moral issues and significant ecological impacts as to not end up as Jurassic Park did. With the use biotechnology, genetically modified food or GM is made possible. A GM food can contain any gene that was altered, modified or changed using methods that do not occur naturally. (Better Health Channel) In this process, selected genes from an organism are transferred to another organism in order to have a desired outcome. This gene may come from a different type of speciesWhat is genetic engineering in food used for, and what kind of problems does it fix? Genetic engineering can fix many problems such as ones in agriculture, allowing scientist to control plants' reproduction and create new products. Today, genetic engineering of plants and animals has allowed changes that are meant to bring people better and more healthful food, a safer and more pleasant environment, and improvements in health. This type of genetic engineering is not only used in the plants, but also the animals that we use as food. Cattle have been a primary source of meet and milk since our ancestors. Cattle feed is scientifically formulated so they can routinely get nutritional supplements and antibodies to reduce the chance of illness and premature death. Today the dairy industry is one of the leaders in biotechnology, including genetic engineering. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, genes that protect cattle or other meat animals against disease could reduce the amount of antibodies they are fed. This would make the meat healthier for people to eat. Genetic techniques are already` being used to breed cattle whose milk contains superior cheese-making proteins.The same type of genetic engineering can also be used to increase the amount of nutrients in our food crops. "Researchers are especially looking at major health problems like iron and vitamin A deficiency. The removal of the protein in peanuts that causes allergies in some people is also being researched." (Better Health Channel) These types of researches are designed to help people for the better benefit of society. The advancements made in the food industry make for...

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