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The Advantages Of Sports In School

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Sport is a misunderstood word. The mere word of sport evokes images of athletics, javelins, hurdles and even swimming as well as rhythmic gymnastics. The word sport does not merely mean a competition. This is truly a myopic view of sport. Sports, generally refer to activities done, mostly outdoors for the sake of amusement and exercise.Everyone should indulge in one sport or another as sports keep us occupied and we can spend our leisure time fruitfully. There are many advantages of sports in schools.Firstly, sports increases and strengthens the immunity system. As we exercise regularly, our bodies become stronger and the blood circulation is efficient. Accordingly, the organs function well and the person feels healthy. Thus, exercising increases out well-being and total fitness. On the other hand, people who lead sedentary lives do not exercise and prone to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary diseases. Thus to avoid these ‘silent killers’, we should exercise.Sports can help us reduce weight. Obesity is dangerous as it is the ‘gateway’ to all fatal diseases. When one embarks on a 30-minute exercise program, he or she will experience weight lost. This is because there is an increase in the metabolic rate causing the body to burn more calories. This in turn will tone and develop muscles. Incidentally, the heart, which is also a muscle, is strengthened with exercises. Hence, the heart is able to pump blood efficiently. Thus, you become healthier.In addition, when we have a healthy society, we have citizens who are physically and mentally healthy. This is because when one concentrates on...

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3842 words - 15 pages Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine, agrees that this concern for some sports activity is justified, saying "We're going to be recommending that nobody under the age of 14 be involved in collision sports" (Cantu N.a.). Since many different research studies involving sports related injuries have been conducted, information like this is widely available for parents to read and consider. However, Mary L. Gavin

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