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In the mid 1800’s trade with Native Americans in the North West was extremely popular. One of the names associated with early trade in the North West is Hudson’s Bay Company. Hudson’s Bay was an English company that would trade goods to the indigenous people for furs, provisions, and other things. Trade with Native Americans was extremely popular during this time because the Native Americans desperately wanted what the Europeans had. That is why I think that the Europeans were benefited more by this trade agreement then the indigenous people of the North West.
One example of something that benefited the Europeans more was the clash of the two cultures. While both the indigenous people and the Europeans were introduced to new ideas and skills, the Europeans were benefitted more because they incorporated the new ideas into their culture. They did not drop parts of their already existing culture to use the new goods they were getting from the Native Americans. For instance, the Europeans had never used beaver fur before the Native Americans had traded the furs to them, but this did not take away from their culture because they simply used the soft, waterproof furs to make top hats. The Europeans incorperated this new material and modified something they already had. At the same time, the indigenous people were getting new goods from the Europeans and replacing key parts of their culture with the new ones. One prime example of this is the gun. Before they had guns the Native Americans would make bows and arrows, train themselves to use them, hunt or defend themselves with them, and then train their sons to use them too. However, once they got the gun they stopped using bows and arrows all together because the gun was so much easier. So the whole concept of the bow and arrow basically went extinct to the indigenous people.
Another reason why the Europeans were benefitted more by the trade was because of the large amount of wealth that they received from it. From the trade the Europeans acquired large amounts of land, valuable objects, and new jobs. All of these created new forms of wealth for the Europeans. When a country claims lot of land for...

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