Advantages Of Using Social Media In Business

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Social media is a form of online communication channels devoted to society input, intercommunication, and cooperation. In social media, people can talk and interact without restriction, exchange and debate information with each other about their lives by using many different combinations of the words, personal multimedia, photos, and videos. Also, in social media, individulsa and groups can create, edit, comment on, and engage in personal conversations. There are numerous types of social media, for example, wikis, blogs, social network site, micro blogging services, and sites sharing media. At the beginning, social media was limited to a few networks sites, for instance, Bulletin Board System that allows people to communicate with each other and post a comment. Today, social media has transformed from ineffective sites to more useful and effective websites, for example, Facebook, and MySpace. Some companies are using social media to achieve their goals which is attracting more customers to company website. Three advantages of using social media in business are: raising brand consciousness, building customer relationships, and increasing performance measurements.
The first advantage of using social media in business is increasing brand awareness. Social media can help business to build their brand awareness by increasing interactions with a business brand. Brand awareness means the total percent of a target people who know the company exists and what the company offers of products or services. When the brand awareness is increased, the possibility of buying is increased. Thus, efforts should be made to make the brand a part of the consciousness of customers. For example, Coca- Cola is one of the best companies that enjoy unusual brand consciousness worldwide. Marta, Martínez, & Sánchez (2013) stated that Coca- cola runs within many social media sites such as Tuenti with over 12 million users, and 32% of the Tuenti users to connect with a company or brand. In other words, firms can follow Coke's example as a high quality model to create strong brand recognition and increase sales. Consequently, companies can make effective brand awareness for their consumers by provide greater brand consciousness. Additionally, using social media in business can provide high quality content. In recent years some business has created content in social media site because customers want to read, write, exchange, and see which theme the company is focusing on. This makes the company more active to the consumers, for instance, Zappos is one of the most popular firms that use strategy when customers become fans then they reveal the content. Parsons (2013) showed that the social networking site Facebook claims to have more than 750 million members, and users can create 90 pieces of content each month as well as over 30 billion pieces of content such as links on the internet, news, stories, post blogs, and photo shared every month. Therefore, business can create better...

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