Benefits Of Taking The Bus Or Riding A Bike To School Or Work

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I know you enjoy the feeling of freedom that you drive your car and go to anywhere at any time. But if you decide to go to school at the morning, I suggest you do better to drive your car to the school as early as you can; since you are hard to find a spot at school. According to the Triton Review, it says “If you are here for a class at just about any time, you’ll be circling the parking lot for a while” (Thompson). If you are worried about you cannot find a parking spots on campus; Public transportation or bicycle are the great ways to help you to move from your home and to the campus. I believe you should take a bus or a bicycle to work or study to protect the environment as well as your health. By taking the buses or bicycles, students can decrease the cost of living, improve the quality of their lives, and protect the environment.
Most of the students can't afford to pay a car and car insurance. Also, you need to pay the maintain fees and the cost of gasoline. By taking a bus or your bicycle to college, it can help you to save a lot of money. In your living county, Snohomish County, you (students of the Edmonds community college) are free to ride to everywhere by the show up of your Edpass with the valid bus tab (Maertz). If you take bus or ride a bicycle to school or anywhere in a whole month, you can save up to few hundred dollars. Also, it is truth that the public transportation in this county is very good; there have many routes that connected to different cities.
The most important benefit of taking a bus or riding a bicycle to work or to school is that you can decrease the pollution of the world. Because many people use their cars, the cars would increase the rates of pollution and cause more pollution problems to our...

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