Benefits Of Using Microsoft Excel Essay

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Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel

Since the beginning of the American school system; educators have tried to improve their teaching techniques in order, to be more effective in the classroom. With the recent technological advances we have benefited from in the past couple of decades; the educational system has greatly improved. For the last ten to fifteen years, the school system has successfully phased in the curriculum frequent computer usage in the classrooms, in order to improve the students ability to adapt to the growing use of computers in the work force. Teachers have based a lot of their assignments to the use of computers; nowadays it would be a rarity not to find a least one computer lab in a school building. The Microsoft Corporation’s software has been the leading operating system used in the work place, school and in home arena for most of the computer era. Microsoft has developed an array of different kinds of software that have been extremely helpful to computer users over the years. They have developed a word processing software in Microsoft Word, a webpage designer in Microsoft FrontPage, and data processing unit in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel 2003 is a spreadsheet program that gives you support for XML and new features that make it easier to analyze and share information; these enhancements to statistical functions allow you to analyze information much more effectively. Microsoft Excel can be a very efficient teaching instrument when teaching mathematics, science, along with many other valuable uses for instructors, in a classroom environment.

Microsoft Excel can be very effectively when teaching science at any level. Almost in all level of science; whether it is elementary school or at the college level, students are ask to complete several different experiments, in order, to understand the complex universe we live in. Students are often asked to collect, analyze and then interpret the data that the used or found while completing the experimentation. Microsoft Excel can be an invaluable tool in which students can utilize when completing their scientific research. Ian Bridgewood (Modeling Chemical Reactions Using Microsoft Excel, 2001) explains this phenomenon when he describes the benefits of using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. Bridgewood considers Microsoft Excel is an “excellent tool” because it the software allows the user to do repetitive calculations, along with presenting the data in graphical representation; which is an exceptional effective teaching tool. Bridgewood also believes that, “spreadsheet software like Excel is an ideal dynamic tool for studying chemical equilibriums.” Excel can also be used effectively in lower level of science. Education World (Bulion, L., 2001) gives many example of how science teachers in elementary and middle school can use Excel when they are teaching their students about weather and temperature. Teachers can have their students to measure the...

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