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Adventure On The Argo Ii: Chapter 7: We Meet Artemis Fowl

1877 words - 8 pages

Leo opened his eyes and sat straight up in bed. Ella stood over him, a horrified look on her face. “What? What do I have on my face?” he said, rubbing his face. Sadie started to laugh. “What is she doing in here?” She covered her mouth with her hands. “Shh! Don’t yell! We were attacked and the raiders are searching the cabins for anyone they can challenge. We’re hiding,” Ella said, holding a finger to her lips. “And we don’t want to wake Artie and frighten him,” the Doctor whispered. Leo jumped. He had forgotten the Doctor was in here. “And the TARDIS is not an option, they already took it. She isn’t going to be happy when they open her up,” he was saying. “Who isn’t going to be happy? River or the TARDIS?” Sadie asked. “Probably both,” the Doctor said. “Well I’m going to slip into the bathroom and change,” Leo said, trying to avoid thinking after he had just woken up.
“Hey, we could’ve had worse,” Percy reasoned. “Worse? What’s worse than getting stuck in a room with Hedge and Strax?” Annabeth snapped. “Okay, you got me there,” Percy breathed, afraid of setting off her temper. But Annabeth wasn’t done, “I mean, seriously? We’re stuck in a room with a goat who has an obsession with killing and Mr. Potato Head, army style. And you’re saying it could be worse? Oh, and did I mention the venomous lizard?” “’The venomous lizard’ has ears, you know,” Madame Vastra commented. Annabeth opened her mouth to say more, but Percy quickly covered it. “That’s enough out of you,” he said, when Annabeth gave him a dirty look. She rolled her eyes, but she didn’t speak again. “Since that’s settled, let’s figure out a way to escape,” Percy said. He wasn’t exactly the brains of the operation, but he was glad to be leading the huddle, for once.
Frank paced in front of the door. “If anyone gets hurt, I will never be able to live with myself. I was supposed to tell Leo to turn on the radar,” he mumbled. “Frank,” Hazel soothed, “No one told you to tell him. Besides, we just descended to water, so the radar really wouldn’t have helped.” “Still,” he said. Hazel climbed down from atop the bunkbed. She grabbed Frank’s shoulders, a struggle because of their contrasting heights, and told him, very firmly, to sit down. He sat down on the bed with Nico and Walt. “I hope Sadie’s okay,” he moaned, “Her dad would never forgive me. I mean, with her mouth they would probably leave her, but it never hurts to worry.” Hazel and Frank rolled their eyes. They both knew about Sadie’s big mouth, it never seemed to be closed. Nico stood, rather sheepishly, “No need to be concerned, there are no dead people on the ship, everyone is alive,” he declared. “I could have told you that,” Walt interrupted. Nico rolled his eyes, very much out of character for him, “Anyway, we need to figure out a way to escape and scare away the raiders.”
“Let go of me! I will fight you! I know karate!” Angie screamed, trying to yank her hands free of her captor. ...

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