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Adventures Of Teddy Essay

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Throughout the course, we looked at animation films that essentially perform the story rather than just tell the story. We also looked at the history of animation and how it developed throughout time. As technology progressed, the techniques used to create an animation film improved. Animation uniquely captures fantasy worlds and engages world history by using traditional hand drawn and CGI techniques. We also learned that these various techniques - anime, hand drawn animation, stop motion, and computer generated imaging are the basis in creating a great performance on film. For my final project, I made a stop motion film by taking several hundreds of pictures and aligning them together ...view middle of the document...

My stop-motion film is about the illusion of life created through the way children as well as adults personify inanimate objects.
The title of my stop motion film is “The Adventures Of Teddy.” The title is essential because it tells the viewers what to immediately look for in the animation production. The context of my stop motion mainly targets children who believe that their stuffed toy is a security blanket and can protect them from anything. The teddy bear brings to mind warm thoughts about our childhood and represents the love we had for toys. The title of my film is important because it shows how a simple lifeless object can do so many things. The teddy bear can go play soccer, watch the dolphins, or even have a tea party with the other toys. The focal point of the film is to speculate how fascinated children are with stuffed animals. This animation film portrays how an idle teddy bear is able to complete other human actions because we anthropomorphize, or give feelings to, such objects. The animation creates a unique interpretation of stationary objects by adding emotion, movement, and sound. It is a stop motion film, so I manipulated the teddy bear to appear as if the object moves on its own. However, I also used a little bit of computer generated imaging when I added the scrapbook theme in the beginning of the video. Teddy bears evoke a sense of gratification and comfort that you cannot find elsewhere. From a very young age, it is human nature to crave these feelings of warmth, coziness, and well-being. The animation technique communicated this perspective of enchantment in lifeless objects that create a sort of comfort in everyone’s lives. Teddy bears are stationary objects, but are able to ascribe human emotions and characteristics. Teddy bears are usually the first best friend of any child, so it holds a special...

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