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There are many potential adverse effects recorded with the use of anesthetic agents. Some of them are systemic, while others cause cutaneous manifestations. The first example demonstrating cutaneous involvement is in the use of Rocuronium bromide during the induction of anesthesia. Rocuronium bromide is a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocker used in conjunction with propofol during the induction of anesthesia. In the case described by Jeong et al., patient XX underwent induction and within 3 minutes developed hypotension, tachycardia along with angioedema around the eyelids with generalized rashes and urticaria. The patient was promptly treated with ephedrine and hydrocortisone with hydration. Anaphylaxis is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction and its prevalence during general anesthesia varies from 1:4,500 to 1:20,000. The most common medications used during anesthesia that cause anaphylaxis are muscle relaxants (60%), latexes (20%), antibiotics (5).
Koo YH. and Dym H. present an another rare cutaneous side effect of local anesthesia. The patient described in the case report was admitted for a chief complaint of severe pain in the lower left jaw for three days. The patient had no medical history and no known diagnosed allergies. The patient was given a left inferior alveolar block with one carpule of 2% Lidocaine with epinephrine. After the procedure was finished, a 3-4 cm brown pigmented area was seen on the patients left chin. The case report describes the lesion as “leathery” and states there were no motor or sensory deficits. This case report was linked to 4 other similar case reports, with the difference being that the pigmented lesion in this case remained, as opposed to resolving in the other 4 cases. The patient in this study was scheduled to have removal of the hypertrophic, reactive area of scarring, however was lost to follow-up. It was suggested that the lesion described in this case was due to an allergic reaction of the Arthus type (type III...

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