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Negative Effects Of Gender Discrimination At Workplaces In The Usa

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Recently, gender inequality is being emphasized as an acute and persistent problem. In the USA, this is predominantly due to that fact that women are demanding their rights at workplaces. Mostly, they try harder to be appropriate and successful in their careers rather than men. ‘Differential treatment within the labor market is what we refer to as labor market discrimination’ (Ehrenberg and Smith, 2012, p398). Gender discrimination against women in the market place reduces the available talent in workplaces and has negative consequences on the country. Gender discrimination in the United States can lead to damages to the effectiveness of labor market such as unequal employment regulations, less promotion chances and unfair wage distribution.

In America, unequal employment regulations are considered as one of the main influences of gender distribution. It is an indisputable fact that there are several jobs, which require workers in accordance with their sexes. For example, scorekeepers, nurses or nannies’ work suitable for women and blue-collar workers, electricians or decorators’ work is mostly for men. In this case, workers are distinguished, while they are being recruited for the jobs, in order to increase work effectiveness. ‘Both the employee and the customer hire models of discrimination can help to explain the findings of one study that employers usually hire only women or only men into any single job title…’ (Ehrenberg and Smith, 2012, p417). Moreover, hirers distinct employees taking into consideration their physical factors because of job position requirements. As an answer to the question why employers hire males instead of women, Ehrenberg and Smith (2012, p417) accentuate men as the main workforce for production. ‘If their preferences for white males extend to jobs requiring major responsibility, such as physician or airline pilot, then occupational segregation that works to the disadvantage of women and minorities will occur’ (Ehrenberg and Smith, 2012, p416). However, there is another cause of unequal employment regulations, which is knowledge distribution in labor market. In the USA, mostly men find a job more easily rather than women despite the fact that there are marginally differences in educational attainment between men and women and this is in line with the statistics of Borjas (2010, p237). ‘This arises from the fact that there is no one-to-one correspondence between skill specificity and riskiness at the occupational level. Because of this, workers with highly specific job skills do not automatically demand greater social protection’ (Borjas, 2010, p239). To sum up, the occurrence of gender distinction in employment may bring benefits for the efficacy of the work but it does not happen in every job sphere.

Furthermore, less promotion chances is defined as another impact of inequality in conformity with gender. Firstly, in the United States promotion discreteness pursuant to sex can affect the level of employee morale....

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