Adverse Health Effects Of Adolescent Pregnancy

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Adolescent pregnancy is a very important health issue worldwide. When adolescents who, are often physically and mentally unprepared to bear a child are become mothers it has astoundingly negative outcomes for the mother. Including bad personal outcomes adolescent mothers often give birth to children with increased health issues when compared to a healthy adult mothers. Because of the negative outcomes associated with adolescent pregnancy, the issue should be addressed worldwide. Adolescent mothers tend to have very adverse social outcomes after giving birth. It is imperative to educate populations worldwide about adolescent pregnancies and its adverse outcomes so they can be prevented. The adverse outcomes associated with adolescent pregnancy can be studied in America.
In general, adolescent birth rates in America and worldwide are declining. The observed decline in America is due to more access to contraceptives and the use of contraceptives. The decline can also be attributed to more adolescents abstaining from sexual activity. According to “Facts on American Teens”, in America the percentage of never married females that were sexually active in 1995 was 19% but in 2008 that percentage decreased to about 11%. The lower percentage of sexually active females is due to more widespread sexual education in American schools. Though in general teenage pregnancy rates have declined, the rate of teenage pregnancy in America is the highest among all other developed countries. The teen pregnancy rate in America is almost twice as high as the rate in Canada, a similar country (“Facts on America Teens’”, 2013). Although the adolescent birth rate in America is declining, the adverse outcomes still affect a large number of teenagers in America.
The current state of adolescent pregnancies in America lies at about “329,797 babies born to 15-19 year olds in 2011” (“About Teen Pregnancy, 2012”). This is a large and detrimental number of teenagers affected by pregnancy in America. When using the term adolescent or teen in relation to pregnancy rates it relates to youth aged 15-19. Pregnancies that occur in America involving youth aged 15 or younger is much less common. Only about “1%” (“Facts on American Teens’”, 2013) of youth younger than 14 years older become pregnant in America. Of the 1% of girls who do become pregnant, the adverse effects that would apply to adolescents 15-19 are amplified. A pregnancy at such a young age has more negative physical and metal effects on the mother because the mother is not fully developed mentally or physically. American teen mothers are often minority youth of African or Hispanic background who account for 57% of all teen births in America every year (“About Teen Pregnancy, 2012). This statistic attributes to the fact that American minorities are more likely to live at or below the poverty line where schools and communities do not provide sexual education that would prevent early pregnancies when compared to their...

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