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" A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentialities." -Charles DeGaulleThis quote couldn't more true , even at the age of seventeen my life has been riddled with adversity. Everything from major health related problems from birth to my father being injured at work and finally my cousin dying from cancer , all have made me realize truly the strength that I possess to carry on.I have overcome and am continuing to overcome many health related issues all of which stem from birth. At birth my esophagus did not attach to my stomach and in order to correct this problem I had to undergo a major operation. This operation resulted in me needing a blood transfusion. Unfortunately in 1983 blood donors were not screened for diseases. I was one of many who contracted both hepatitis B and C. Hepatitis B was just jaundice and showed it self soon after the operation. Fortunately Hepatitis C is dormant for now , although it is thought around the age of thirty the true disease takes hold. There is always that daunting reality that eventually I will need a new liver. Another result of my stay in the hospital is my droopy eye caused by an incorrectly inserted IV. In this age of physical beauty and especially being a teenager it has been especially hard for me to not feel that I am inferior to everyone else. As a result of lack of funds my eye will have to wait to be corrected.My father who has been out of work for three years because of a back injury that has left him in a tremendous amount of pain constantly. This has resulted in not only a financial strain on our family but also a burden of ache that tugs at me. I love my father dearly and it pains me to see him suffering. My parents are divorced and have been for some time, my father lives in California and before his injury I would visit at least...

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Friendship and Overcoming Adversity Essay

1406 words - 6 pages Topic: Friendship and Overcoming Adversity Story: “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck ( a story about the hardships of two diverse men and their friendship) Literary Text: “Finding Nemo” by Andrew Stanton Introductory Claim: Of Mice and Men- Both “Of Mice and Men” and “ Finding Nemo” both display an example of friendship and overcoming adversity within the novel and movie. Body 1: Of Mice and Men- Claim: Steinbeck displays the ideal of

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940 words - 4 pages that the resilience of the human mind can triumph through adversity. When Louie was stranded on the raft, he never let circumstance get the better of him. The three survivors, Louie, Phil, and Mac, all had completely differing perspectives of their trouble. Louie and Phil stayed optimistic, while Maxc slowly deteriorated along with his hope. Hillenbrand wrote that "It remains a mystery why these three young men, veterans of the same training

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849 words - 4 pages Adversity puts people in difficult or unpleasant situations which can create very strong emotions that can help or harm. When people face adversity, it is seen as a challenge and whether or not they overcome the challenge is personal. However regardless of whether adversity helps or harms, it is advantageous because it offers a challenge to overcome which builds character. I believe it to be true of the whole human race that when something

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2807 words - 11 pages Kate Chopin: Adversity and Criticism Tragedy, death, adversity and criticism can one or a combination of these circumstances influence the path you take? Enduring the death of loved ones, facing critical abuse and public denunciation as an immoralist, Kate Chopin is considered among the most important women in the nineteenth-century American fiction. (Scarsella) Katherine (Chopin) O'Flaherty was born of Irish-French descendants. There is some

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1337 words - 5 pages People don't truly accept life for what it is until they've actually tasted adversity and went through those misfortunes and suffering. We are put through many hardships in life, and we learn to understand and deal with those issues along the way. We find that life isn't just about finding one's self, but about creating and learning from our experiences and background. Adversity shapes what we are and who we become as individuals. Yann Martel's

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713 words - 3 pages Edgar Allan Poe, the father of horror, was born into a life of misfortune. The incidents in his life took place one after the other. Poe had to struggle through his life from an age of three, when his mother passed away. Regardless of all the adversities he faced, Poe remained strong and shared his feelings with the world through literature. Adversity, is known as, “a condition marked by misfortune.” Almost all human beings have to deal with

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750 words - 3 pages Adversity can be found on all faces of earth and in each society inhabiting it. Each individual, or society, faces their respectively great and small misfortunes with different attitudes, preconceptions, and tactics. Though each person faces them on a day-to-day basis, one person’s daily life may be filled with more adversity than the next person’s but because of this they may find each setback much easier to face than the last. The

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826 words - 3 pages Jackie Robinson: Overcoming Adversity Jackie Robinson, the first African-American in Baseball, transformed the face of American sports forever. Not only was he anoutstanding athlete, but with the help of Branch Ricky, owner of Brooklyn Dodgers, they worked for reforms in the sports community. April 15,1947 is the day that one of the most important events in American history took place. On that day, Jackie Robinson took the final step

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929 words - 4 pages one's threshold to resilience may be, and as humans how an individual's life can have dramatic changes mostly for the better regarding ICA and how one copes with having had such adversity and going to a life changing environment.ICA is burdened with many ethical and political issues. However, the research in this article shows that the effect on children and they're life experiences through ICA is a very influential and informative study for

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911 words - 4 pages the facts listed above, when it comes to eating disorders, males are in a much worse situation than females. Just like women, men are affected by media’s ideal body image and regardless of gender they may be physically and mentally vulnerable to the disease. However, society’s stereotypes and unawareness create an adversity for those, making it hard to come out and seek help. Ignoring eating disorders until the critical point, when there is no

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1105 words - 5 pages Good morning my name is __________________ I am here to talk to you about overcoming adversity. Have you ever experienced adversity in your life? At one point in your life you will experience adversity as it is inevitable, and is around us all the time weather it is in the playground or on a global scale. Adversity can be defined as “hostile or unfavourable” and can be most commonly seen when someone experiences misfortune or affliction. There

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Overcoming Adversity Essay

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774 words - 4 pages Technological University until I received poor grades and was dismissed. I was disappointed in myself and thought that maybe school wasn’t for me. I knew I needed to overcome adversity to get the education that I wanted and inevitably the life that I wanted. In order to still succeed at Schoolcraft and further my education, I had to focus on the positive. I have so much going on for me that I can’t let one thing mess it all up. I can’t change the

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1108 words - 5 pages William Cullen Bryant is one of the most influential people of his time. He was born on November 3, 1794. He is most well-known for writing his poem “Thanatopsis”, which would roughly translate from Greek to “a meditation upon death” in English. This poem is by far his most popular poem. He spent majority of his life studying law, then died as the editor of the New York Evening Post. He was extremely politically fueled and also did not agree with

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926 words - 4 pages Handling the adversity that develops within a character’s life is something that requires ultimate determination, dedication and thought. However, when the given adverse situation is handled in a violent manner, the following occurrences include downfall and destruction. Throughout William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, he is able to convey the realistic negative consequences that may follow the effects of violence on adversity