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Adversity For Males With Eating Disorders

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Society adheres to the stereotype about eating disorders as female-only. The reality of eating disorders is that they do not discriminate. In regards to gender, growing evidence shows that 10-15% of people with such mental illnesses are men. Considering eating disorders as a “girl’s problem” is a powerful misbelief that prevents males from seeking out for help. By understanding that males also suffer from eating disorders, society will ease their misery.
To start with, by constricting Anorexia, Bulimia and suchlike diseases as females-only, society oppresses men with those diseases. Indeed, they are reluctant to come forward for treatment because of embarrassment. The clinical director of ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, there is a broad belief that men should be strong and rational, while females can let themselves be emotional and weak. However, “…men and women with eating disorders share the same stories of loneliness, shyness, anxiety and depression” (Kirkey 2) and “…the really striking thing is how similar their stories are” (Kirkey 2). That is, in terms of mentality people are vulnerable to eating disorders regardless of their gender. Both males and females develop such mental illnesses under the same circumstances, which means that it does not have to do anything with their sex. Furthermore, development of an eating disorder in an individual is related to the physical inheritance. Dr. Blake Woodside, director of the program for eating disorders at Toronto General Hospital proves that “Most have an underlying genetic vulnerability to the disease” (Kirkey 2). Again, regardless of their gender people have a chance to inherit a possibility of developing Anorexia, Bulimia and suchlike disorders. In a view of the listed facts, eating disorders develop due to physical vulnerability and can be triggered by stressful events that can appear in individual’s life despite his or her gender.
Eventually, raised awareness about potential danger of males having an eating disorder will help to avoid or leastwise cure those. Mental illnesses related to inappropriate eating habits begin with an attempt to control weight. Survey completed by National Eating Disorders Association revealed that 33% of adolescents use unhealthy weight control behaviors. Coming back to the society’s blindness, how many parents and friends may not recognize alarming signs in those 33%’s behavior? Moreover, how many of those young males themselves may unsuspect to have Anorexia, Bulimia and suchlike...

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