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Good morning my name is __________________
I am here to talk to you about overcoming adversity. Have you ever experienced adversity in your life? At one point in your life you will experience adversity as it is inevitable, and is around us all the time weather it is in the playground or on a global scale. Adversity can be defined as “hostile or unfavourable” and can be most commonly seen when someone experiences misfortune or affliction. There are many different types of adversity including physical, emotional and social which are all evident in the texts “North country” directed by Niki Caro, Deng Thiak Adut’s “Australia Day address”, and the song “It’s hard out here” by Lily Allen through various language and visual techniques.
“North Country” is a provocative movie that reveals the struggles of women contending with abuse and oppression both in and out of the workforce. Through the use of film techniques the director successfully displays to the viewer the harsh reality of the adversities women faced, and allows the viewer to feel the oppression women experienced in the late 80s. Josey is the central character in “North country” and is faced with many adversities throughout the movie, including physical abuse, sexual harassment and gender stereotyping. However she displays qualities that help her overcome adversities as she is strong and resilient. Flashbacks are used frequently throughout the movie to reinforce the many adversities that Josey had previously encountered in the form of being raped by her high school teacher, having a child at a young age and domestic abuse. The opening sequence quickly introduces Josey’s adversities of domestic violence when her abusive husband storms in and abuses her, however, the director cuts out the scene and skips straight to Josey on the floor, suggesting that Josey has experienced domestic violence on more than one occasion. I believe that Josey has put up with this adversity as it is hard to provide for a family as a single mother, due to the disparity in wages between the two sexes, as women generally don’t get paid as much as men for the same amount of work they do.
South Sudanese child soldier turned Blacktown lawyer Deng Thiak Adut’s “freedom from fear” Australia Day address reiterates the adversities he has experienced throughout his life and how he has brought himself to overcome them, with the help of the people around him, but also his true grit. He was forced to fight a war at the age of six, being wounded on two occasions. Eventually he was smuggled out of Sudan into Kenya, before making the trip to Australia in 1998. In Deng’s speech he talks about how he lost his freedom and love of life, saying “In place of the love of life I was taught to love the death of others”, his use of contrast is sadly ironic, as children at six years of age aren’t meant to have any adversities, they should have the “right to be a child”. Deng use repetition of “freedom from fear” a lot throughout his speech...

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