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“...this generation has a unique responsibility in human history. It is
literally up to this generation to save the world, to make the changes we need to
make,” said Sut Jhally, known for his analysis on the role played by advertising and popular culture in the processes of social control and identity construction. After watching his documentary, Advertising and the End of the World, I completely believe in what he saying. The way he gave examples and facts about his arguments on how we become happy, what society is, and how far into the future can we think, was amazing. He was very persuasive and made me realize the gravity of the situation that the Earth is in and how we are the cause ...view middle of the document...

Ergo, they use the story of goods bringing us happiness. They want us to think that products will make us happy and so they make gaining access to those products very easy and they produce more and more every day. Though true happiness comes from autonomy and control, having good self-esteem, warm family relationships, relaxing leisure time, romance and love, and close, meaningful friendships; it also comes from the market and economic growth. This is a major motivating force for social change on a global scale.
Margaret Thatcher, former conservative British Prime Minister, made a good point about what society is. She said, “There is no such thing as society. There are just individuals and their families.” Society isn’t real, there is no society, it’s only individuals. There are no group values or collective interests. “Society” is just a bunch of individuals acting in their own ways and that is how advertising gets into our minds. Advertising addresses us as individuals not as member of a community or society. It pinpoints our individual desires and needs, not about the things that we would need as a group. It doesn’t focus on the necessary things a society would need to function like health care, housing, helping the homeless, poverty, or the environment. The industry doesn’t actually care about what we think. They discourage the best parts of us such as compassion, caring, generosity, security, and etc. They focus on the worst in us, those parts of us that are greedy, selfish, insecure, discouraged, etc. It takes a powerful look into individual fantasy, pleasure, and comfort. The advertising industry is based upon individual desires and disregards anything society related.
Have you taken a look at how our actions have affected the place we have...

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