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Aspirational Fitness Goers: Nike Brand Essay

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1.0 Introduction
The subculture chosen for this report is; Aspirational Fitness Goers. In further detail this subculture is derived from a broader cultural group of Fitness. From here this culture is spilt up into many degrees of ‘Fitness’. Aspirational Fitness Goers are those people, mainly young women, that aspire to the idea of being fit and healthy, however; require a high degree of ongoing motivation and reminders that this end goal of being fit is attainable. This subculture consumes large amounts of time on leisure activities such as watching television and exploring the internet. Markers associated with this subculture are difficult to identify externally. Some external markers include; wearing fitness clothing either branded or non-branded during the day to give the illusion of being fit to those on the outside, this subculture tends to attempt at being motivational; for example, setting an alarm or scheduling the day around some form of fitness such as going for a run, however, never actually fulfilling the proposed fitness ideal. This subculture tends to fall into traps purchasing; fitness books, supplements, fitness applications, et cetera.
This report focuses on the Nike brand and their targeting towards the Aspirational Fitness Goer (AFG). The main advertisements looked at link with their Find your Greatness and Endless Possibilities campaigns, both campaigns with the main goal of highlighting the everyday person’s ability in themselves to achieve an end goal of going out there and doing it. Focusing on one main advertisement (link shown; appendix 9.1), that has “a series of different challenges and scenarios unfold, each pushing her - and those watching - to defy their limits and boundaries” (Nike,inc, 2013).

2.0 Nikes understanding of AFG
The brand has a firm understanding regarding the members within the AFG subculture. AFG’s have an end goal in mind and that goal is to be an athlete that is fit and motivated. This ad presented this subculture with an ordinary girl, doing an everyday activity of waking up, from there we were presented with different challenges and shown that the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary.

2.1 Nikes use of markers
Clear markers are shown throughout the advertisement that links in with AFG subculture. The opening shot as shown in figure 2.1.1, regarding an everyday girl starting her morning pulls the brand away from the association with solely major athletes to the average ordinary person. This is the starting marker for this advertisement. Her actions throughout the advert in some way reflect the AFG subculture. Completing a morning routine but challenging herself for something more. For the remainder of the advertisement different actors are put into a new situation and their beginning reaction is shock representing, the fear of not being able to complete the task at hand, which AFG tend to do, to their final reaction of determination. This process is common with AFG; the advertisements use of...

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