Advertisement Critique With Description And Analysis.

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DescriptionThe content of the advertisement has a major effect on the audience's attitude towards the product. The advertisement in this case is of AquafreshWhite & Shine. The audience is challenged to "feel the difference the first time [they] brush" The particular layout in this advertisement appears to be the usage of large photographs accompanied by a few words to grab the reader's attention. The first thing that I noticed when I looked at this advertisement was image that said "NEW!"; which consisted of white letters on a bright red background. Next, I noticed the slogan that the company decided to go with for this particular product, "Don't just whiten, SHINE"; what caught my eye about this item in the advertisement was the word "shine", which has a hazy, mirrored, reflection type of thing going on all around it. The next part to grab my eye's attention was the rather large photograph of what appears to be an adult woman's mouth (possibly in her late 20s) , with the tongue of the woman moving over her bright, snow white, stereotypical perfect teeth. She seems to be quite energetic, yet also relaxed.After that, my eyes moved down to the only letters that were not the color white; the results from the consumer report that the company took, which says that "95% [of the users] reported that they could feel a difference after only one use." Next, across the page about a quarter of an inch is right where the company has placed a description of the product. The description is simple, and straight to the point. Finally, my eyes come to see the picture of the product that this advertisement was trying to sell me. The box appears to glisten, and shine, just like the description says the product does to your teeth, and the colors are bright and reach out and grab your attention. Situated under the box of toothpaste, is a very streamlined representation of what the toothpaste product actually looks like, that frames the box, and pushes out upon the reader.AnalysisThe advertisement that has been placed in front of me is a massive throng of encoding with certain preferred meanings that have been forced upon myself as the reader. As a consumer I will attempt to decode the subliminal and intentional meanings of the advertisement, while also examining the ideologies expressed by the producers.The main attribute of this advertisement that caught my eye was the "NEW!" sign in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The word new is meant to be used so that the consumer thinks that "okay, this product is new so it must be the best"; which is usually never the right assumption. This is a direct target to the strongly American...

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