Advertisement: Greek Statue And Perfume Essay

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Advertisement: Greek Statue and Perfume

While flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, my fingers stop abruptly as my eyes catch an image of a nude man holding a clothed woman. The man has a muscular body and is effortlessly supporting the woman who's body is arched backwards, her arms hang in a swan-like manner. On the ground by her left foot lays a paint palette and her right hand is grasping a paint brush. The room that they are in appears to be a studio with press board floors, brick walls, and old unfinished wooden workbenches draped in cloth. The woman is painting a canvas with the image of the nude man. The foreground consists of the artist and the model, the painting and the easel, a stool, and a table with art supplies spread out on top. In the background, to the right of the canvas, stands a life-size statue of a woman facing the wall. The statue is a generic image of Greek statues from around 400 - 200 BC. In the right bottom corner of the page, a bottle of golden perfume called Tabu is superimposed on the page. The caption written in cursive reads, "Blame it on Tabu".

There are many instances in which older art works are used in contemporary situations. There is everything from cartoon characters performing in the Colosseum to government buildings modeled after the Greek Parthenon. Images from centuries ago such as those from European cave art, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, and from medieval Europe can be seen in magazines and newspapers, television and films, architecture of buildings, etc. These images use the concepts people already have of past artworks to create a specific tone, convey messages, or sell products. The magazine ad for Tabu uses a Greek styled statue to enhance the tone of elegance and classicism of the overall picture as well as adding a contrasting element of shame and embarrassment that works to convey the theme of the perfume.

The ancient civilization of Greece thrived as a great Democracy for over 500 years. The Greeks celebrated works of art and took pride in their art's ever changing forms. Most notable of Greek art forms are the architecture of temples and the realistic statues. Statues were initially made from marble, which was readily available in Greece. During the Archaic period of Greece (600-480 BC), statues and sculptures usually showed people standing, though sometimes portrayed figures reclining or sitting. They resembled Egyptian statues in that the figures were very straight and were rarely shown in action positions. Usually life-size or larger, these statues were meant to show the ideal body. They did not look like real people; often their hair looked wig-like and most statues were smiling closed lipped, which is known as the Archaic smile. Traditional statues of the time were mostly canon in appearance. The female statues were called korai (singular kore) and the male statues were called kouroi (singular kouros). The main difference in the way male and females were...

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