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Every time you turn around there seems to be an advertisement for various products on the market. Whether it’s a television commercial, radio commercial, internet advertisement, magazine advertisement, or billboard, advertisements are everywhere. Each advertisement is selling some new and improved product designed for all of the different wants and needs of the people who populate this world. The products being sold differ from unnecessary items that everybody has the desire to own to items that are essential for living. Clothing items are an essential for living, but not everyone can afford the top-notch brand names. Advertisements for clothing in Vogue Magazine are extremely different than the clothing advertisements you would find in the magazine Seventeen. Both well-known magazines are exploiting what is expected to sell, but they are selling to different audiences. Considering Teen Vogue is striving to attract a more youthful audience, the Keds advertisement found in Seventeen would be a better fit for Teen Vogue because of the lower cost and higher attraction to teenagers.
The evidence is found in the title of what age group the magazine Seventeen is trying to fetch. The bright colors, well-known younger celebrities, and headlines like, “Girl Power!” continue to show that Seventeen is trying to attract teenage girls to read their magazine. The magazine prints stories like, “The 17 Most Powerful Girls 21 & Under!” and has their front cover showing Selena Gomez wearing a shirt that says “Confident” to inspire teenagers to be confident and to follow their dreams in life. It is a known fact that girls look up to celebrities, and if those celebrities portray a positive image, than teenagers may look at their own image in a more positive way, which leads the world into being a more positive place.
Vogue Magazine is trying to reel in an audience of younger to middle-age adults. Neutral colors, middle-aged actresses, and more text versus images is more fitting towards the wants and needs of women in their twenties and thirties. Headlines that include “Change it up in 2014” and “Stroke of Genius” are articles that would appeal more to young females who have interest in fashion, style, and trend. Vogue also targets career women who have the needs and purchasing power to purchase products from the magazine. With product advertising being the main profit resource of the magazine, they are going to run advertisements which appeal to the high-end audience they acquire.
Teen Vogue, a version of Vogue that targets the teen generation, is produced to appeal to a larger target audience and to award Vogue with a larger market. The magazine is trying to catch readers while they are young so they produce a future generation to purchase and read the adult Vogue when they become of age. Teen Vogue uses language, fun celebrities, music, and articles targeted to teenagers to attract readers. The magazine may resemble Vogue in the use of high end fashion...

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