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Advertisement In The Digital Age Essay

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Many of us go through our everyday life and we take our surroundings and the things we do for granted. Most would think that our routine life is just that a routine. Many do not know that the basic things we do are influenced by some form or another. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we are bombarded everyday by products that we perceived that we have chosen at our own accord but in reality was influenced through some form of persuasion by means of merchandising or advertisement.
Over our lifetime merchandising and advertisements have evolved in to a self image influence in many ways. It’s hard to notice these evolvements since we have all subliminally ignored the fact ...view middle of the document...

Believe it or not, there’s a science behind advertisements. Psychologists and marketers have been studying for many years what stimulates the brain. The advertiser will have to conduct market research, which means that they will have to apply objective and scientific approaches to advertising. Researchers found that the more attentive viewers were, the less likely they were to skip to the next ad. More importantly, the studies showed definite patterns in the emotional elements that evoked the most attention.
Experimental research looks at the emotional components that both attract and hold a viewer’s attention. Evoking surprise proved the most effective way of capturing attention, while evoking joy was best for retaining attention. Of course, capturing attention is only part of the advertising battle; converting attention to sales matters, too. Today, advertising has become easier to directly target and reach an audience, but more difficult to create a message that grabs the attention of this audience, because we've become somewhat desensitized to the usual advertising efforts. “Attention is the biggest bottleneck, and we need to get through it,” Teixeira says. “But after you’ve secured attention through good ads, the next questions are: How can I persuade? How can I communicate? How can I get people to change their evaluations of brands and products rather than simply be entertained for 30 seconds?” According to Harry Hollingworth, advertising has to accomplish four things: Attract a consumer’s attention, focus the attention onto the message, make the consumer remember the message, and cause the consumer to take the desired action. The true goal of advertisers and the companies they work for is ultimately to deliver a message to the proper audience that has an impact.
As you can see, advertising isn’t so easy. Which begs the question, were advertisements this complicated and thought out back in a different age? If we were to compare our advertisements now to the advertisements that were conducted in a different era, what would be the biggest difference? To answer this question, we need to know when America became a consumer based society.
The 1920s best suits the comparison since it was the beginning of the modern age. It was an important era in American culture, socially and economically. The 1920s represented a new age in the American economy. Despite the downfalls like the Great Depression, and all of its implications. The majority of the decade was a time of increasing prosperity, consumer spending power, and the rise of credit. With new inventions, Americans were focused on increasing their spending power to take advantage of the new opportunities that inventions offered. All of these factors caused a significant rise in the amount of advertising Americans were exposed to on a daily basis. The increases in wealth and spending power caused increased circulation of new forms of media, such as motion pictures, radio, magazines, and...

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