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Advertisement: Leading To Destruction Essay

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More than half of young ladies are doubting their body image because of all the advertisement seen every day. People may not realize the impact that advertisements have on the younger generations especially the girls. As it is young girls are vulnerable and have low self-esteem at this age. Some of the negative effects that the advertisement may have are: eating disorders, encouraging young ladies grow up faster than they are supposed to, girls being subjective to degrade themselves. Advertisements need to stop influencing young women to live by a false image because it’s an unrealistic expectation.
Often people misinterpret the point that ads are trying to get across. Teenage girls are ...view middle of the document...

In the article “ Enviable Curves vs. Skinny Self-Control or Why Women’s Bodies Can’t Do Anything Right.” Tells us how society is viewing this issue. “but in this age of supersize vs super-skinny.” When either your celebrating your curves or showing off your tight “tight little body. . .” (Cosslett), (LucyBaxter). Young girls should not have to worry about looking like a Victoria Secret model at that age. It’s one thing to want to be fit and health and another to be starving in order to look like a model. Many magazines are putting woman out there and degrading them which is influencing many girls to do the same. It’s basically saying it’s okay for young girls to dress provocative.
There have been many articles that use young girls to advertise their clothing. For instance, “ . . . designer Mark Jacobs who unapologetically included a 14-year Hardwen in his fall 2012 show, her baby face barely visible under a giant, fur hat” (Givhan). To many girls that would be a dream come true, but the truth is that it is destroying their childhood and forcing them to grow up faster than they are supposed to. The fashion world is very competitive and cruel for adult, so imagine how it is for a child. These fashion shows are advertising young girls all across America and in...

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