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Who doesn’t like coke? Coca- cola has been around for many years. It is a favorite drink choice for many around the world. In the old ad, coke was only five cents. Although the prices have changed since then, the wonderful flavor has not. Both ads show creativity and do a fantastic job of promoting coke. There were numerous amounts of detail put into these coke ads; however, the older one is superior to the new one because it has better use of the elements: focal point, figures used, artistic choices, function decisions, and typeface options.
The focal point for the modern day ad seemed much more cluttered and did not stand out as much as the older Coke ad did. It is said that the focal point may be seen in a left to right, top to bottom reading pattern. The focal point of an image can be described as what catches the viewer’s eyes first. For the modern day ad Taylor Swift is representing Coke. She catches everyone’s eyes at first. Then after seeing her, the viewer realizes that there are two Taylor Swifts and half of the picture is upside down. This makes it confusing and the viewer has to concentrate to figure out what is happening in the image. Not only is it confusing because she is upside down, but there are way too many patterns on her clothes. This makes the image cluttered looking and the viewer might have a hard time keeping their attention in one spot because there is too much happening in the image. The older coke ad seems to have a more realistic focal point. In this image there is the phrase at the top which reads, “Sends thirst flying.” With the normal left to right and top to bottom reading pattern, this is the phrase which catches the viewer’s eyes first. After noticing this then the focal point turns to the woman who is drinking the bottle of Coke. In this advertisement the focal point is organized. The image makes it easy to understand the message the Coke company is trying to get across. Although the focal point can decide whether the image is a success or a flop, the actions of the people in the images also makes a difference when trying to appeal to a certain audience.
The figures in both of the ads have a huge impact on the overall message that the company is trying to get across. Figures can be animals or people. When looking at these figures, viewers have to take in to account their facial expressions, poses, hairstyles, ages, sexes, and what their occupation is. In the modern day advertisement Taylor Swift is the figure who is being used to represent Coke. If the viewer looks at Taylors face, one image has her mouth open where in the other one it is closed. The image with her mouth open helps relate to the singer aspect which the ad is trying to get across. On the contrary, in the image when her mouth is closed relates to the songwriter aspect which the ad is trying to relay. In this piece of advertising, Taylor is also holding a guitar, which helps the viewer’s understand her occupation as a singer and songwriter....

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