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Advertisements And Society Essay

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Advertisements, they are everywhere, whether it be in magazines the television or on the Internet, we are exposed to advertisements. These advertisements all have the same goal, to persuade you to do something, it may be to sell a product, watch a television program attend an event, but it still has the intent of getting you to do something. In order for these advertisements to be successful, they have to appeal to you in some way, to get you to consider immediately acting, or to make an impression on you so that you may act on the advertisement at another time. Advertisements usually do this by using things that we as the consumers find interesting to catch our attention, and associate their product with something we like. Many advertisements also try to appeal to us through the use of people in the advertisement, a large portion of the time women are used in those advertisements. The advertisements usually depict women in a negative way, that although people way not notice this negative portrayal of women, cause harm to our society. These advertisements degrade women and send negative messages about how they should be treated, and that they should be viewed more as an object than a person. This would lead one to believe that advertisement’s portrayal of women is really un-ethical, harming our societies view of women, and even causing women in our culture to be negatively affected.
In order to get our attention, an advertisement has to capture our attention so we would not tune it out, or ignore it. Therefore, in order to get our attention, things that we like or view as important is placed in the advertisement. That would leave us with the question, how would they know what we find important. The Merchants of Cool, a film that discusses this topic, would answer this question. The Merchants of Cool film explains how businesses spend lots of time trying to get into the minds of the consumer in order to understand what we like. The film shed light on how some company’s preyed on teenagers to figure out how to appeal to the trend setters to market their product. This practice was referred to as cool hunting. Nevertheless, this cool hunting is manipulative by trying to get not adults but the teen’s ideas to sell a product to the trend setters of the group, in hopes of all of the other teens to be highly impressionable, and follow the trend, causing the company to only need to persuade the top of the social group to buy their product. The companies may...

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