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Advertisemtns Could Change The World Essay

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Many things influence your day to day decisions but none like advertisements.Advertisement is not new there has been advertisement going on since the Egyptian has certainly changed a lot from the days of bring paintings. Now they follow you everywhere with mobile devices. They also have a huge effect in persuading us to choose a politician.
Advertisement makes decisions for you every single day since ancient times, to what you eat and who you vote for. Advertisement has evolved in many ways from Egyptian carvings to mobile advertisement. Just 20 years ago the only times you were exposed to advertisement was in forms of entertainment. For example you had your typical radio; ...view middle of the document...

After surgeon general gave his famous 1964 speech linking tobacco with cancer. There was actually positive ads referring to smoking by a company called luckies. Saying who thousands of physicians recommend them and how they were good for your health. They used actors and actors to promote them in movies and sporting arenas saying if you smoke you were cool or will lose weight. Then in the 70s the bad press started coming with the with the public health cigarettes smoking act banning them from advertising in TV and radio. All these negative press drastically decrease the number of smokers in America from 44 percent to a record low of 1 in 5 or 18 percent.
Dose advertising money persuades who we elected to lead the most important office in the world. For example there’s a reason there’s only two political parties. An independent candidate like Gary Johnson only received less than four million in donations Gary Johnson would have received approximately $9.5 million from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. If he had the additional grant money, he could have been on the ballot in every state, and would...

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