Advertisers' Techniques Of Aiming Products At Certain Audiences

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Advertisers' Techniques of Aiming Products at Certain Audiences The audiences mainly targeted are:
Little children ,Teenagers, Ambitious men, Adult women, Couples,
Prosperous older women.Advertisements are used to increase the sale of
a product and so choosing the right time to show a commercial is
vital. A company won't show an advert aimed at children late at night,
when they know their target audience won´t be watching.Children's
products are usually shown in the morning and in the early afternoon
and products for adults are shown later on. Advertisers will pay lots
of money for perhaps a 30 second slot, in between a popular television
programme, because they know that a large number of their target
audience will be watching.The two adverts I have chosen to analyse are
the M&M advert aimed at children/teenagers and the Virgin Mobile phone
advert aimed at adults.I have chosen two adverts, which were shown at
different times of the day and in between different programmes.The M&M
advert was shown in between the Simpson's in the early evening. Now
this is a good advantage to the advertisers because the Simpson's is a
very popular cartoon programme watched and loved by many including
their target audience, children and teenagers.The advertisement is
very clever in catering for the two different target audiences. The
advert contains both cartoon characters (aimed at the young children)
and a popular television presenter (aimed at the teenagers).Straight
away the viewer is introduced to the product.
The advert starts with a wide shot of the animated M&Ms, being treated
like people and the actor sitting down, with the studio doors behind
them. They are in the green room with a lot of people moving around in
the background. All through the advert there are people constantly
moving about, given the viewer an impression of what it takes to
interview a person. Also it makes the viewer feel more involved in the
advert, because it feels like you are actually there watching these
people rehearse for the interview.
The viewer hears the red M&M speaking. Zoom in on the red M&M. The
camera zooms from character to actor, quite a lot. The camera uses
slow moves combined with sharp direct moves creating effective shots.

"This babe was all over me".
Zoom in on the actor, who looks very uninterested and bored.
Next the camera zooms out and we see the door opening and a Green M&M
looking glamorous, walking in with an entourage of people. Zoom in on
Green M&M.
"Hi Green, thanks for coming and doing the show".
We now find out that this is an interview and the actor is
interviewing her, and Green is the big star.
Zoom in on...

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