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Different Marketing Strategies Used To Sell Laptops To Different Market Segements

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Advertisement 1

Source: MacBook Pro Advertisement-Refreshed MacBook Pro Lineup Lealod 2.

In geographic segmentation, the MacBook Pro can be used in all types of conditions and makes the consumers to purchase it through the consumers’ needs. For example, MacBook Pro is designed to adopt in tropical, cold and warm regions of the world (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel 2014, 129). In demographic segmentation, Generation Y and Millennial are the group of people that always buy new products. For example, both groups of consumers are mostly consisted of teens and young adults and they like to purchase the new products due to their lifestyle changes and purchasing choices. Majority of the MacBook users are working and young adults due to its level of purchasing power. In psychographic segmentation, a consumer that uses a MacBook Pro will be regarded as an upper class group of people. Some consumers use MacBook Pro to show off especially among the Generation Y groups to prove that they have the same products as others. Consumers use MacBook Pro to suit the living lifestyles in a specific residential area. For example, consumers use MacBook Pro because of the upper class type of neighbourhood. The target markets for the MacBook Pro are based on the age, income, personality and geodemographics of the teens, young adults and working adults.
Attribute, price and quality, use or application and competitor are main bases for the MacBook Pro. Apple used its attribute for this advertisement to promote new features that are not being featured in the older products. The price of the MacBook Pro is expensive but the quality of it is decent. For example, Apple usually set the price of its products at a higher rate but because of the quality, consumers are still willing to purchase it. Apple uses the use or application base to maintain its new products by introducing new software to replace the incapable software (Kotler 2011, 6). Apple uses the competitor base to compete with other computer brands by introducing new products that are reliable and consumable.
Apple uses specialty products that are considered a luxurious products being targeted for rich consumers. Apple uses the product modification mixes to create a new version of MacBook Pro. Quality modification is being used to compete with other rival laptop companies and to top the market. Functional modification is used to enhance the effectiveness of the new MacBook Pro by introducing new applications. Style modification is used to lower the weight of the new MacBook Pro to attract more consumers (Crompton 1983, 12).

Advertisement 2

Source: The New Razer Blade Pro: Extreme Performance.

In demographic segmentation, Generation Y and Millennial are the groups of people that like playing computer games. For example, most of the teens and young adults own a personal gaming laptop...

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