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Advertising Agencies And The Success Of Sainsbury’s Marketing Campaign

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Professional Advertising Agencies and the Success of Sainsbury’s Marketing Campaign

The Sainsbury’s supermarket store is a very large company with many
stores located in the UK serving millions of customer’s everyday. The
promotional campaigns that Sainsbury’s are involved with are of
importance to the success of the company in order for them to promote
new product ideas to customers and to become a better place for people
to shop, so in some ways the campaign can enhance the shopping
experience for the customers. This would be the same in any other
business such as Sainsbury’s for example Iceland’s promotional
campaign is all about giving customers special offers at low prices
like buy one get one free in order for them to reach their target
audience they will advertise on TV to get a wider audience or even on
billboards to capture the attention of the public this is important
and could cause an increase in sales or for profits allowing the
company to make the promotion an even better campaign.

In order for Sainsbury’s to have a good promotion campaign they may
use a professional agency that are skilled in the area that
Sainsbury’s may want to see achievements as a result by Sainsbury’s
turning to professional agencies they are able to save money because
the company themselves will not need to spend money on collecting
information from different areas of the business and then struggle to
put the information into one large campaign that may not make sense,
it will be better for Sainsbury’s to instruct a professional agency
the type of promotion they want and how they will need to show this in
advertisements, this is better because a professional advertisement
agency already are specialist in that area all they will need to do is
to expand on the instructions given by Sainsbury’s to ensure a
successful campaign .

The professional advertising agencies that Sainsbury’s will use are
able to provide a wider range of services including marketing in this
area the business may be ask to find out information on what customers
may want from Sainsbury’s when going to the store they may ask
customers if they are happy with the services offered by Sainsbury’s
they may chose the type audience they believe this type of promotion
campaign is targeted at for example the may use segmentation and
separate the customers in to small groups or maybe they may use
blanket promotion basically doing a research on the market Sainsbury’s
intend to capture.

They may also deal with areas when dealing with the art and creative
work when making billboards or even posters for the store this will be
the area where they may decide which kind of poster effects can they
use to give a better image so that the posters or billboards are able
to catch the attention of Sainsbury’s target audience. In this are
they will also deal with the media side of things when working with
Jamie Oliver they will give prepare scripts for him to...

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