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Advertising Analysis Assignment: L'oréal Paris

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When you think about advertisement what comes to mind? You think about images, phrases, quotes, products being portrayed to various types of genders, cultures, religions, and age groups. Advertisement is what makes us want a certain object or product with how they portray it, the words they use in order to get the attention of a certain group they are targeting. Ideology is what sets a huge role in advertisement. There are many types of ideologies who focus on targeting a specific group. Using the semiotic analysis to discover the meaning of what this essay purposes is the hidden messages in L'Oréal Paris advertisement ad. The L'Oréal Paris advertisement appeared in the Chatelaine magazine in October 2013; it was also assessed as a TV commercial advertisement towards many viewers across the world. Working with the semiotic method I will use the signs, types of signs: indexical, iconic, and symbolic, codes of content, modality and interpretation towards the audiences receiving the advertisement.
When we take a look at an ad we always take in what is the most significant thing that would catch our attention towards the product that is being sold. By looking at this L'Oréal Paris ad first thing that pops right out is the model. The model in this picture is a very close up image of an older woman with extremely flawless skin. Her face takes up most of the ad, and it is very closely zoomed in portraying where there is the most wrinkles on a woman’s face the eyes. The product that is trying to be sold is the Revitalift that reduces the look of wrinkles underneath the woman’s eyes to tighten the look of appearance and decrease the look of bags under the eyes. The models face is a more serious seductive look showing her none wrinkled eyes or bags. Underneath her eye is a quote by the model that says, “ I’m amazed… the results are spectacular!” (Andy MacDowell) This quote gives the audience towards older women encouragement that the product really works. On the left hand side of the ad, we see a large image of the product in a deep red rose color, followed by a smaller version behind the bigger product. The Revitalift shows how the bottle looks like the name and the company’s name of it. The texts are underneath the models face, presenting that this product in clinically proven and the number one most effected product on the market. It produces two points on what the eye cream will do and how it feels against the skin giving the audience and urgent message that this product is NOT a joke, and that is really does work. When I was flipping through the magazine this ad stood out to me the most because the face of the model captured my attention of her beauty and how close up it was, the background was fully black so even the product stood right at me with the bright red rose color. I believe that the importance of a proper ad in order to capture the targeted audience towards women is a beautiful model, something that women need or put on everyday...

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