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Marketing Research Paper

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Market Research Paper

Product: Homeschool Sanity: A Practical Guide to Redemptive Home Educating

Target Market: The homeschooling community (all ethnicities) within the contiguous U.S (specifically married women with children in the demographical age range of 20-35 years old).

Homeschooling is parent-led home-based education which a little more than a decade ago was considered to be cutting-edge, and is presently converging as “mainstream” in the U.S., and may well be the fastest-growing form of education today (Brian D. Ray). The target market for the book, Homeschool Sanity, on which this research is based is married women with young children in the demographical age range of 20-35 years old (originating from a wide-range of ethnic backgrounds) who currently homeschool or are in the process of considering doing so.

Homeschooling is not as new and foreign as many people have been led to believe. Recently, Dr. Brian Ray wrote an article in the Peabody Journal of Education which was entitled, Homeschooling Rising into the Twenty-First Century: Editor's Introduction:

It is easy to forget history and that thinkers holding fundamentally different worldviews have been thoughtfully critiquing institutional mass schooling for many decades (e.g., Cole, 2010; Freire, 1970; Gatto, 2001) and calling for something radically different than that which nearly 96% of all American children now experience. It is also easy to forget that institutional state schooling did not involve the majority of what are now called school-age children for most of the “school year” until after 1900 (Ray, 2012). With so many educational scholars, policymakers, journalists, and even the general public forgetting such history, it is not difficult to comprehend why the modern-day, parent-led home-based education movement—that is in many ways radically different from mainstream and institutionalized schooling, both state run and private—stirs up many a curious query, negative critique, and firm praise from those in varied walks of life (p. 261). (Brian D. Ray)

The secondary data for income for this target market ranges from $32,500-$60,000 (principally due to the traditional family structure being preserved by the low to middle-class which most often translates to having a single income); therefore, keeping the product pricing between $10 to $15 per unit should not present a financial hardship on this target market as the majority of these homeschooling families possess the necessary funds to make economically smart purchases for homeschooling curricula and its related materials:

In the middle of the middle classes is the lower middle class. This class usually has households with people who have a college education...This class contains lower-level, white-collar workers who generally earn between $32,500 and $60,000. (Investopedia: Which Income Class Are You?)

The following secondary research for the “reasons why” this target market chooses home education is crucial when...

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