Public Relations And Strategic Marketing At Bmw

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Public Relations Opportunity
Public Relations or PR for short can help launch a new products sells and promotions or destroy it before a company can move it from the shelf. New companies and consumers tend to mistake Public Relations as advertising when in fact they are polar opposites. When a company advertises they pay to promote the products on TV, radio, or some type of media support. Public Relations, however the company may reap the benefits of the PR but not have to pay for it. Public Relations is defined in the following ways: “A form of communication directed at gaining public understanding and acceptance” (Learnthat, 1998-2004). “A promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution” (Wordnet, 2010). With all this said a company that has a good Public Relations team or person has a good chance of its product reaching the targeted market.
When conducting Public Relations the company needs to understand the consumer need and show how the product will meet their needs compared to its competitors, by doing this the PR must give selling points that show why the Jabber 7 is the car that will meet his or her needs. Base on the statistical data obtain through our market research, BMW has picked the most opportunistic time to launch the Jabber 7. With the United States gas, crunch people are looking for better way to help protect the environment and save money in the process. BMW going green will not only produce a better running car not depended on harmful pollutants but will also create new jobs for thousand American to build these cars. With BMW’s quality rating over the years consumer can expect a smoother riding vehicle that comes in the BMW 600 coupe style or the luxurious style of the BMW 545 providing up to 300 miles to a charge toping speeds of a hundred miles an hour. The biggest selling point for the Jabber 7 is BMW’s unmatched maintenance plan that provides driver with updates and pre warring alerts that there is a problem before it happens and full replacement of the same car or one of greater value when their car is in for services. BMW is entering a market that has “30 companies ready to take over the road in the near future” (Morrison, 2008). This will give BMW Public Relations team the opportunity to show the Jabber 7 in comparison to the competition models.
The Public Relations market that rates the performance of cars comes out at the end of the year, by launching the Jabber 7 in early 2010. This will give Motor Trend Car of the Year and Car and Driver the opportunity to test drive, inspect, and conduct its own market research of the consumer market, before publishing its articles at the end of the year comparing the Jabber 7 statistic to its competitors. The proof will back up our advertizing and ones again prove that BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine” (BMW, 2010).

Budget Plan
According to Edwards (2008), He believes the generation we are in should be the one that wants to stop global warming. John...

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