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Advertising And The Effects On Lifestyles

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“TV commercials during Super Bowl XLV in 2011 are estimated to have cost three million dollars for a thirty second slot (74937).” If you watch any form of television or online streaming media it’s hard to avoid commercials. They have grown to be such an integral part of television they are harder to notice when watching TV. The Super Bowl comes around once every year, but people tune in just as much for the commercials as the actual game. Why would they tune in for commercials they see every day on a daily basis, while watching their favorite television show? Commercials are used to inform, sell, or persuade. Companies hire specialists to maximize the sales that a commercial produces by ...view middle of the document...

The companies will go to any extent to make the maximum profit, potentially through exaggeration. This topic is very relevant because as we move forward with technology advertisements are going to be right next to them influencing people and partially controlling our lives. The commercials may effect only the people watching but overtime they affect their family and friends.
In the beginning, I searched for general information about what a commercial is supposed to control. Based on a definition from, a commercial is communication used to manipulate a group to take action (0789). From this definition, I needed to break down what a complete advertisements consists of. I
Children are the future of the world. They grow up learning through the entire environment that surrounds them. Today’s generation of children are now influenced greatly by television, social media, and the internet due to the rapid growth in technology. This change has caused children to become less active and sluggard. “Children spend an average of thirty-five hours watching television. (Snodgrass)” While children watch TV mostly for the sole purpose of their favorite shows, many have unknowingly become the audience for advertisers. Marketers see these commercial slots as high reward possibility and spend millions of dollars for a measly thirty seconds of fame, and children are so easily influenced they become mesmerized by certain products and immediately ask their parents to purchase the toys. Parents may find it hard to say no to a child asking for a toy and may purchase it only to satisfy their child’s wants, but the only reason the child wanted the toy to begin with is due to the advertisement. No matter from whatever perspective you take marketers advertise to children because they are easily persuaded and potentially spend their money on something that cures curiosities.
After we age into young adulthood, we are able to buy anything our hearts desire, but typically on a salary based budget. Everywhere you go, billboards, the internet, and television bombard our eyes with thousands of advertisements in a single day. Advertisers instill the image of perfection and to attain it you must buy their product. This makes people unhappy and encourages them to buy the product and other goods that makes them feel perfect. This is called extrinsic buying. Buying goods or products from the cause of peer pressure, or envy. Purchasing a new car every few years is an example of extrinsic buying. On the other hand, intrinsic buying is when we purchases goods because we need not want them. We have been influenced so heavily on trends they run our lives. Every year there seems to be some trend coming in and another fading away. Additionally, advertisements make people feel inferior to these ideal images and it reflects on a person social values. For example, in America having the most current smartphone compared to your fellow peers is wanted because that’s how a large...

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