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Advertising As A Key Part Of The Sales Process

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Advertising as a Key Part of the Sales Process

Advertising is a key part of the sales process. More than £12 billion
is spent on advertising every year in the UK, quite a phenomenal
amount. So why do people spend out so much on advertising their
products? It seems like a terrific waste of money, until you look more
closely into the whole process. A fundamental reason behind
advertising is the susceptibility of children to adverts. Adults,
having developed a slightly more cynical view of the world, are more
likely to see through adverts. Younger children, on the other hand,
are easily influenced and more naïve. They see an advert for a toy of
their favourite superhero, say Spiderman. The advert shows the action
figure shooting webs from his wrists and swinging along tables. In
actual fact the figure will do none of these things, but the child
doesn't realise this, and goes to beg his or her parents for the toy.
Often the parents give in to satisfy the child and stop him or her
from whining. In this case the adverts are targeting a younger
audience, and are very effective.

Adverts aimed at a more mature audience use different techniques. They
might use statistics and factual information to sound more believable.
Another useful technique frequently used by advertisers is preying on
people's fears and insecurities. This technique works well for selling
anti-aging creams, moisturisers, etc. Humour might be used to
encourage people to read the advert - people like to laugh.

Advertising is often basically exploitation of our fears and
weaknesses. It isn't just the age of the audience that advertisers
take into account either. There are all kinds of factors involved,
including money and level of education. Some adverts are aimed at
people with more money to spend, in which case they emphasise the
price - the basic message being, it's so expensive it's got to be
good, and very few can afford it - but you are one of those lucky few.
This makes people feel special and privileged so they are more likely
to buy the product. On the other hand, if the advert were aimed at
people with less money the advertisers would emphasise what good value
for money the item was, or make a "special offer."

There are also a lot of different ways to advertise:

· Advertising in directories

· Advertising in magazines

· Advertising in national newspapers

· Advertising in local papers

· Advertising on television or at the cinema

· Advertising on the radio

· Poster advertising

· Direct mail

· Exhibitions

· Merchandising and point of sale

· Sales promotion

· Sponsorship

· Using the Internet

So there is a lot more to advertising than immediately meets the eye.
I have chosen to study how advertising techniques are used in adverts

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