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Advertising : Best Way To Do It.

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Have you ever wanted to improve the way ads run on TV, radio, the Internet or on billboards? If so, you might be interested in a career in advertising. Advertising is about helping manage advertisements of new products and working to improve the perception of products by the media. It's about attracting buyers. The main idea is to take a product like a soft drink, for example, and create promotional campaigns that get people excited about the product. People who work in advertising plan, research, create, produce, and place ads for their clients. The clients are people who have a product or service they want to sell. The ads are placed through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and outdoor displays such as billboards.JobsThere are many different jobs involving advertising. Most advertising agencies have at least five departments, contact, planning, and marketing; research and development; media; creative; and production. However, sometimes in large advertising companies, hundreds of people may be hired to work in a dozen different departments, and in small agencies they may have a handful of employees who have more responsibilities that cover more than one aspect of the work.One job in advertising is an advertising agency manager. They make plans to get more business. They solicit new accounts and establish new accounts. They also meet with department heads to set up rules and procedures, and coordinate their operations.Account executives must be able to sell ideas and have knowledge in marketing strategies. They are in charge of talking to the clients and maintaining good relations between the agency and the client. They executives will study the clients advertising problems and needs, and then develop an advertising strategy or campaign, and a budget. Once the client is happy wit the executive's idea, and the executive gets the client's permission, the executive works with all the departments of the agency to finish the campaign. Also, in some agencies there is an account supervisor who will direct the work of executives and sometimes may be directly responsible for the head of the agency.Research and development directors gather and analyze the information needed to make the client's advertising campaign successful. The way they do this is, they figure out who the buyers of the product will be, and then they figure what theme will have the most impact on that type of buyer, including the packaging and price, and the media that will be most effective. They also conduct national, regional, and local surveys to help determine potential sales and to gather information about competitors' products. They then find advantages and disadvantages of the product by distributing samples to the public and the public is later asked for their opinions. This is used to figure out what the most convincing selling theme would be, and opinions are sometimes used for testimonials. The research directors can determine how, when, and where the client's...

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