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Public Relations Campaign - Riordan Manufacturing Embraces DiversityTable of ContentsPublic Relations Campaign 1Executive Summary 3Introduction 4Current Situation Research 4Public Relations Issues 4Target Audience 6Ethical Implications 8Market Research 8Campaign Strategy 10Campaign Objectives 10Riordan's Publics 10Marketing Function 11Campaign Tactical Plan 12Media Toolkit 12Public Relations Tools 14Open House 14Community Event 15Sponsorship 15Corporate Newsletter 16Intranet/Internet 16Business Implications 17Additional Factors 19Ethical Considerations 19Technology Considerations 20Globalization Considerations 21Crisis Management Plan 21Campaign Evaluation Measures 24Budget 25Conclusion 26Executive SummaryIt is Riordan's primary goal to become a leader in diversity in the workplace. In an effort to attain this goal Riordan has researched many tools and activities and defined actions and created the plan, contained herein, it feels necessary to catapult the organization to the forefront of diversity.Riordan's campaign theme is Celebrate Diversity. Its research has shown that given the benefits of a diverse workforce, it has a great opportunity for improvement. The campaign strategy is to communicate Riordan's enthusiasm for and commitment to diversity to both its external and internal publics through various communication tactics and tools. These include planned media communication, diversity training for employees, and a host of other PR tools. The campaign also includes a crisis management plan, a budget, and campaign effectiveness evaluation measuresSietel (2004) says, "Stated another way, organizations desperately need professional communicators to navigate through this "brave new world" of instantaneous communication." Sietel also defines, today public relations a subordinate of the marketing function, and this is not uncommon in Asia and around the world. Given that PR is seen as a subordinate of the marketing function, Riordan would say that PR is the most important aspect of marketing in this day and age of global instant communications.Introduction.Workplace diversity has taken a new face today; workplace diversity focuses on the impact of company's bottom line. Not only can it financially benefit a company, but also by embracing diversity an organization can increase their ideas, insights, and various pools of talent. Leveraging workplace diversity is increasingly seen as a vital strategic resource for competitive advantage. More companies are linking workplace diversity to their strategic goals and objects. Riordan Manufacturing has realized that diversity has an immense impact and in addressing these issues; the company is implementing a Public Relations (PR) campaign to position itself as a leader in encouraging and promoting diversity in its workplace. This paper will outline Riordan's PR campaign including its defined target audience, an overview of public relations issues, and implications of ethical issues. In...

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