Marketing Communication Brief: Toyota Prius 2004 2005 Plan [Draft Version]

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Year 2004 - 2005Toyota Prius: Integrated Marketing Communication Brief[DRAFT VERSION ONLY]Stanley C.T. NgToyota Motor Corporation, Australia.1 Table of ContentsPage1. Table of Contents 22. Executive Summary 63. Introduction 74. Review of Marketing Plan 74.1. The Automobile Market 74.2. Toyota: SWOT Analysis 114.3. Consumer Behaviour Analysis 124.4. Competitors Analysis 144.5. Toyota Prius: Product Descriptions 154.6. Toyota Prius: Market Segmentation and Target Market 164.6.1. Demographic 184.6.2. Psychographics 194.6.3. Geographic 205. Key Considerations 206. Brand Positioning: Objectives 207. The Need for New Communication Campaign 218. Communication Aim 229. Communication Objective 2210. Toyota Prius: Target Audience 2311. Call to Action 2412. Our Single Central Key Message: "Fuel Economy" 2613. Proposed Communication Mix: Integrated Marketing Communication Brief 2813.1. Market Research Brief 2813.1.1. Research Objectives 2813.1.2. The desired future of the brand: Toyota - Prius 2913.1.3. Role of the consultant 3013.1.4. TMC Expectations for the Research Survey and Methodology 3113.1.5. Reporting formats 3313.1.6. In-house resources 3313.1.7. Budget 3313.1.8. Timetable 3413.1.9. The Proposal 3413.1.10. Selection Criteria 3413.1.11. Payment Schedule 3513.1.12. Performance Guarantee 3513.1.13. Questions and Answers 3513.1.14. Professional Membership/Quality Assurance 3613.2. Advertising and Promotion Brief 3713.2.1. Background 3713.2.2. Advertising Issues 3713.2.3. Advertising Objectives 3813.2.4. Execution Details 3913.2.5. Style/Attitude/Tonality 4013.2.6. Story Value 4013.2.7. Prints Ads 4013.2.8. Outdoors Billboards 4013.2.9. TV/Cinema/Radio 4113.2.10. Ads for Sydney Motor Show 4113.2.11. Timeline 4213.2.12. Calls to Action 4213.2.13. Budget 4213.3. Public Relation Brief 4313.3.1. Scientific Testing Report form a Third Party Organization/Expert 4313.3.2. Who will be invited? 4313.3.3. Trip to Japan 4313.3.3.1. Day 1: Education Seminar 4413.3.3.2. Day 2: Test Drive 4413.3.3.3. Day 3: Press Conference 4513.3.4. The Second Test-Drive 4513.3.5. PR activities in the Post-Launch Stage 4613.3.6. PR Seminar: For the Dealership Segment 4613.3.7. Crisis Management 4713.3.8. Timeline 4713.3.9. Budget 4713.4. Internet Web Site Designer Brief 4813.4.1. Project Objective, Aims & Requirements 4813.4.2. Design Requirements 4813.4.3. First Impression/Second Impression 4913.4.4. Tone and Feel 4913.4.5. Graphics 4913.4.6. Domain Name and Hosting Requirements 4913.4.7. Content Requirement 5013.4.8. Page Requirements 5013.4.9. Maintenance/Updates 5113.4.10. Timeline 5113.4.11. Budget 5113.5. Sales Promotion Brief 5213.5.1. Trade and Sales Force 5213.5.2. Distribution Information 5213.5.3. Major Trade Customers 5213.5.4. Promotional Objectives 5213.5.5. Sales Promotion Strategies 5313.5.5.1. Trade Show in Darling Harbour 5313.5.5.2. Points of Purchase Display 5413.5.5.3. Free Gifts 5413.5.6. Start Date and Duration of Promotion 5513.5.7. Promotion Guidelines...

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