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IndexGeneral information 3Intern analysis 4Extern analysis 7Consumer analysis 10Supply chain 11Competitors analysis 13SWOT 15Product level 17Target group 17Objectives 18Marketing Strategy 19Financial Support 21Conclusion 22General UnileverIn the Netherlands, one of the two motherlands of Unilever - the other one is Great Britain, we bring a wide assortment of products on the market with a lot of well known brands. Examples are: ice-cream ( Ola, Hertog ), margarine ( Blue Band, Becel ), olive oil products (Bertolli), soups (Unox), sauces (Calvé), meal and meal components (Knorr), icetea (Lipton), washing and cleaning products (Omo, Cif) and products for personal care (Dove, Axe). We also bring products on the market especially for the professional food sector (hotels, restaurants and caterers)Unilever's corporate mission - to add vitality to life - shows how clearly the business understands 21st century-consumers and their lives. But the spirit of this mission forms a thread that runs throughout our history.In the 1890s, William Hesketh Lever, founder of Lever Bros, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap - his revolutionary new product that helped popularise cleanliness and hygiene in Victorian England. It was 'to make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products'.That were the first steps for the mission of Unilever In a history that now crosses three centuries, Unilever's success has been influenced by the major events of the day - economic boom, depression, world wars, changing consumer lifestyles and advances in technology. And throughout we've created products that help people get more out of life - cutting the time spent on household chores, improving nutrition, enabling people to enjoy food and take care of their homes, their clothes and themselves.Intern AnalysisMissionIn the SBU Cooking & Eating they want to add a special value;Where or when you eat, choose for fresh, variation and delicious food!It is Unilevers' mission to add vitality to life. They foresee in the daily need in nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that helps people to feel good, to look good and to get more out of life.In the BU Heartbrand they want to contribute to the nice things in life, to have fun and enjoy together, because life is going faster and faster and men need nice things as an outlet. Ice creams are best as an occasional indulgence, but others can be a regular treat and eaten sensibly.On Product level, Ben & jerry's aim is to make the best possible ice crem, in the nicest possible way. It is not only mixing the best ingredients what is important but their suppliers are too.VisionOn SBU-lever, Unilever aimed to build a winning portfolio by extending the leadership positions and our presence in high growth spaces. They are improving their core capabilities. Bringing al this together as...

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1822 words - 7 pages Finest Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, was founded in 1978 in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, by childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield with a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of which was borrowed.) They soon became popular for their innovative flavors, made from fresh Vermont milk and cream. The company works to employ its Mission Statement in as many day to day business decisions as possible so that the company is profitable

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954 words - 4 pages commit ourselves to reading thus increasing out knowledge, only God limits how far we can go in this world ” (Carson 201). This is very true because, when one reads more, the more he/she gets more knowledge, and knowledge is power and always believe in God according to his last letter in the Think Big acronym. Works Cited Carson, Ben. Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence. New York: Zondervan, 2009. Print. Bergman, Jerry. Benjamin Carson: The Pediatric Neurosurgeon with Gifted Hands. Acts & Facts. 38.1(2009): 10.Print.

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1791 words - 7 pages another destination.ORGANIZATIONAL MISSION - BEN & JERRY'SAlthough Ben and Jerry started their first ice-cream shop in 1977, they didn't have a mission statement until 1988, when they developed the current set of mission statements in which they adhere to above and beyond what it states. We would all like to think that the company in which we work for contribute to the social and economical well being of all of the stakeholders. In reality this

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3949 words - 16 pages contrary, in today's highly competitive market it would be impossible for the enterprise to operate successfully and generate profits. Giving a customer complete freedom to choose without informing them at all or informing them less than the competitor does, will inevitably lead to competitor winning their attention. Ben & Jerry and Body Shop can be used as an example of lacking marketing strategy and 'principles before profits' approach. Since the

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1544 words - 7 pages cost more or become unavailable in the future. National advertising was rarely used. Stalled sales growth, HD’s ice creams price were three times higher and the seasonal consumption and sales trends leading to unstable sales for the whole year in U.S markets (Haagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees, page 313, 315.) Opportunity to become the first business (its competitor Ben & Jerry had done very little with regards to the honey bee issue) to recognize CCD

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645 words - 3 pages , radio advertisements, bumper-stickers on cars, and signs and banners placed at shopping malls that we pass. Most of this exposure is random--we don't plan to seek it out. In fact, a product that is common for this kind of exposure would be Coca Cola ads.On the other hand, intentional exposure is when we plan or intend to seek out marketing information for our own purposes. For example, if we are shopping for a car, we may deliberately seek out

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1340 words - 5 pages is not an easy task, while their ice cream remains one of the most expensive in the grocer's freezer. Yet, with cute names like Cherry Garcia (an obvious marketing strategy aimed to Grateful Dead followers, whose idol is Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia), Ben and Jerry are able to be the ice cream men for thousands of campus Crunchies. Despite their great works in philanthropy, one should not be confused by the issue at hand. Ben and Jerry are not

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2362 words - 9 pages chunk.The next year Ben and Jerry started a national tour with the "Cowmobile," a unique cross country marketing drive, that seemed to be succeeding despite the loss of the vehicle in a fire near Cleveland. Sales had reached the $20 million dollar mark. The company continued to try out new flavored named for celebrities or suggested by customers, and a new "Cowmobile," completed a national tour. The company pioneered disposing of its waste at a

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2991 words - 12 pages Company Motivational Profile PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 4 Company Motivational Profile Paper and PresentationPSY/320Company Motivational Profile PaperIn 1977, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield moved to Burlington, Vermont to complete a written communication course in ice cream. By May 1978, the two friends opened an ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. This was the starting-point for Ben and Jerry's. By 1980, Ben and Jerry started selling ice cream to

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1249 words - 5 pages awareness and accountability.Throughout the history of the company, its owners, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have interacted with their customers, gaining knowledge on what people like and dislike about their ice cream. Opening their store in Burlington, Vermont in 1978, they immediately began interfacing with the local populace by hosting a free summer movie festival, projecting movies on the wall of their renovated gas station. In 1985