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Advertising and marketing is an essential resource in today’s world. It is used every single day in our culture and society. When driving down the highway or in town, there are so many different kinds of advertisement going on such as billboards, logos on company trucks, on the radio, and other various ways.
Defining Advertising
“Usually advertising is not an easy term to define. Advertising attempts to persuade the audience to buy a good or service” (Pope, N.D.). Advertising around the world has changed business demands, media technologies, and cultural contexts. In the eighteenth century, American colonists loved imported British products like porcelain and musical instruments. But they also worried about the dependence on the manufactured goods. Advertisements in America were announcements of goods and supplies on hand. “But Benjamin Franklin’s newspaper “Pennsylvania Gazette” gave readers information with news headlines, illustrations, and many advertisements placed next to his editorial information. Although the eighteenth and nineteenth century advertisements were not just for selling consumer goods, historians also used to help examine tactics of resistance and escape, to study health, skills, traits, and other humanly characteristics of men and women” (Pope, N.D.)
In the 1880s, industries ranging from soap, to canned food to cigarettes introduced new production techniques. This led to created standard products of essential amount quantities that sought to find and persuade the buyers. National advertising of common branded goods emerged in this period in the response to profound changes in the business world. “Large clothing department stores in the bigger cities also pioneered different types of new advertising methods. The total advertising volume in the United States really grew from approximately $200 million in 1880 to about $3 billion in 1920”( Pope, N.D.).
“By the turn of the 19th century, advertising had been recognized as one of the most important and viable means of communication around the globe” (A Brief History of AAF). The industrial movement gave rise to the need for product and service promotion, and with this, the advertising profession was established. In 1904, local advertising clubs realized that to be effective to the audience and buyers they should join together. Local clubs started and eventually the National Federation of Advertising Clubs was introduced. This included the AAW and the AFA. For many years the AFA and AAW worked independently to represent interest for certain industries. “But in February of 1967, the AFA and the AAW joined forces, creating the unifying voice of advertising and marketing” (A Brief History of AAF).
The Evolution of Change
“Since the 1920’s, American advertising has grown massively, and current advertising methods and expenditures are eighty times greater than in that decade”(Pope, N.D.). But new media like radio, television, and the Internet were almost unimaginable back...

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