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Advertising In Our Society Essay

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Advertising is the process of communication where a person or groups of people are persuaded to take some form of action, usually to make a purchase or participate in a particular behavior. Advertisements are used in hopes to increase the number of people that use their products or services. All product advertisements try to make people buy their products, so they manipulate facts about the product to make it more appealing to the consumer. Advertisements have such a high level of advertising around the consumers that it is causing it to shape around us as a society. Today, advertising is shaping to our society because the companies are beginning to spend millions even billions of dollars to achieve a behavioral change.
In the 1800s, industries ranging from soap, to canned goods, and to cigarettes introduced new productions to find new buyers. In this time was when national advertising of branded goods emerged in response to profound ...view middle of the document...

Since the 1920s advertising has grown massively, and the current advertising expenditures are eighty times then in that decade. New media- radio, television, and the internet deliver advertisements in ways that were unimaginable 80 years ago.
Usually the advertisements are trying to sell a product to the consumers so the companies exploit the product. Take the tobacco industries, for example, their ads are being aimed at maintaining brand loyalty or induce smokers to change brands. But not only are the advertisements bring in the switch it also brings in the youth to want to try the product. The product has shaped new smokers into trying the product. In the advertisement that the companies are using to shape our society into trying the product they make the product seem like it is the new best thing. In doing this it has caused tobacco advertisements to be banned in most of the western countries.
Advertisements are beginning to be seen by younger viewer the ads are placed around us everywhere. Advertisements are being targeted to the younger viewers more so the parents can buy the product for their children. The product advertisements are seen on TV commercials and even on the sides of different websites like Facebook, Pandora, etc. The companies are not only out there making a living off the advertisements they are also sponsoring different things to get the products name out there so the consumers will want to buy the products. With the younger viewers who view the advertisements they are remembering what the ads had which wraps the children around wanting the products. The advertisements shape the younger viewers with the eye catching colors and jingles.
Advertisements provide a way for the companies to achieve a business objective so that they can sell their goods or their services. Companies are allowed to state anything about the product they are trying to advertise as long as they don’t state that their product is “good.” This gives the advertisers the opportunity to encourage the consumers to participate in the desired behaviors. The theory of social poof is integrated into much different form in way that will shape the society.

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