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Public Relations In Society Essay

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In the profession of public relations, experience and understanding in international affairs has now become increasingly significant. Public relation practitioners will have to alter the way they work because it is rather different working with colleagues or clients other than their own as multiple languages may have to be translated after a creation of a campaign material and practitioners may have to travel to other countries to conduct public relations work. Also, due largely to globalisation, public relations practitioners must be fully aware that communicating with an international audience is pretty well inescapable. Gaining a better understanding of international public relations practice is therefore essential. Hence, studying public relations on a global context is important for public relations practitioners if companies or organisations within a country are planning on venturing out to the international arena. In this essay, we will be focusing on the various meanings provided by public relations scholars; their opinions and to also explain the importance of education for students in regards to international public relations and its practice.Before we proceed with the in-depth discourse of international public relations, we have to first define what international public relations is. There are a variety of different definitions used to define this terminology. Culbertson (1996) defined international public relations as the focus of the "practice of public relations in an international or cross cultural context." He wrote that it requires the practice of public relations in at least four different realms; transnational economic transactions; intergovernmental relations; international organizations; and interactions among citizens of different nations. Another definition was produced by Wilcox, Ault and Agee (1989) in which they defined international public relations in a more introductory level. They wrote that international public relations are "the planned and organised effort of a company, institution, or government to establish mutually beneficial relations with the publics of other nations". Many other scholars have produced their own definitions of international public relations, but the term simply means 'you doing it somewhere else', where the publics or audiences in those places receives a message and may interpret it in a totally different meaning or ideology; where boundaries are crossed which includes historical, linguistic, cultures, ethnicity or religions.Various researchers and scholars have come up with different views on international public relations. One of the most prominent books in regards to this topic is by Patricia A. Curtin & T. Kenn Gaither on International Public Relations, Negotiating Culture, Identity, and Power. The book includes discussions such as international goodwill, national government -building, non-profits, travel and tourism, and more. With emerging markets and technology bringing everyone...

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