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Table of Contents1.0 Executive Summary32.0 Situation Analysis42.1 Environment42.1.1 Demographic environment42.1.2 Economic Conditions and trends42.1.3 Social-Cultural environment42.1.4 Technological environment52.1.5 Political Legal environment52.1.6 Natural environment52.1.8 Environmental Opportunities52.1.9 Environmental Threats62.2 Industry62.2.1. Suppliers62.2.2 Consumers62.2.3 New Entrants72.2.4 Competitors72.2.5 Substitute Products (Threat of Substitute products)82.2.6 Industry Opportunities82.2.7 Industry Threats82.3 Organization82.3.1 Strengths82.3.2 Weakness92.4 Marketing Strategy92.4.1 Objectives92.4.2 Analysis of Sales, Profit and Market Share92.4. 3 Analysis of target market(s)102.4.4 Analysis of Marketing Mix Variables112.4.5 Summary of Marketing strategy's strength and Weakness:123.0 Problems found in Situation analysis123.1 Primary Problem123.2 Secondary Problem134.0 Strategic Alternatives for Solving Problems134.1 Description of Strategic Alternative 1134.2 Description of Strategic Alternative 2154.3 Description of Strategic Alternative 3165.0 Selection of Strategic Alternative and Implementation176.0 Conclusion17Bibliography/List of References181.0 Executive SummaryJames Patterson is one of world's best-selling crime fiction authors whose brand led to annual sales of $120 million. Prior to becoming a full time writer, he was the chairman of a major advertising agency. During the span of his career he designed and launched many award winning advertising campaigns for many large corporations. He published his first book in 1976 followed by three novels between 1983 and 1995. He published 16 novels between 1996 and 2003, most of them in the crime fiction genre. Patterson has used his past experience to market his own books and build a brand. Our case analyzes the problems involved with marketing James Patterson and aims at providing solutions. The study can be carried out in two ways, i.e. either considering James Patterson as an author or a product/book. For our case analysis we have decided to analyze the fiction industry and hence taking Patterson as a product as well as an author. We have carried out the situational analysis, analyzed the porters 5 forces and conducted the SWOT analysis for James Patterson to have a complete insight about the problem. After our study we have found out the two main problems that James Patterson is facing:-•Brand Awareness•Patterson's outlook about the book clubs.In order to resolve these issues our team has derived marketing strategies that include:-•Product Differentiation•Promotional Techniques•Direct Marketing PoliciesThe strategies suggested aim at resolving Patterson's primary issue of brand awareness and hence solving the case study "Marketing James Patterson".2.0 Situation AnalysisJames Patterson is one of world's best-selling crime fiction authors whose brand led to annual sales of $120 million. He published his first book in 1976 followed by three novels between...

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