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Advertising Manager
Trying to get the attention of a single person is difficult, but thinking of a way to do it is far more challenging. The people that have mastered this art are considered as advertisers or graphic designers but the one that really helps bring this all together is the advertising manager. As an advertising manager their job is to catch the “interest… of potential buyers.” by helping create advertising “campaigns.” So why did I choose this career? I chose it because of several reasons. First off, I’ve always like the idea with being involved with advertising, but I wanted to be more that just the one to create the graphic designs. I wanted to do something bigger and then ...view middle of the document...

Once again a bachelors degree takes around four years to obtain, but some finish in five to six years as well. Now I can’t actually say which schools actually are best for these degrees but there are quite a bit of schools that offer certain them. The one-degree that comes up is Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. On many websites this is the one that pops up the most so I will be concentrating this paper mostly on this degree. There is actually either a bachelor’s degree or Bachelors of Science. In this case a bachelor degree seems to be best for the field that I have chosen. This lowers the amount of schools that actually offer a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration of marketing. The schools that I found that offer this are California State University(CSU) Fullerton, CSU San Bernardino and CSU Northridge. All these schools offer a degree in marketing, which is one of main degrees that this field is looking for.
An advertising manager works with others to come up with “advertising idea,” that can attract the attention of “potential buyers.”
Advertising managers could be achieved by a degree in marketing, journalism or...

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