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Marketing Mix: Product And Place Essay

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Unit 3 Marketing Mix: Product and PlaceKathryn P. BecerraMarketing Mix: Product and PlaceMKT 255Fundamentals of MarketingUnit 3 Individual Project25, October, 2008AbstractConsumer loyalty is the action of returning customers or the behavior of repeat customers. Returning customers are happy customers, this helps the company to progress and grow. Word of mouth is a form of publicity for the company, by telling friends and family, it helps create reviews for a product guaranteeing it to other customers. Consumer loyalty can be acquired through special programs, rebates, coupons, free offers, warranties, and other rewards. The goal of these offers is to make a customer happy so in the future they will return. Also providing excellent customer service will make a returning customer.Loyal ConsumerMy assignment is to choose a family member or friend that is loyal to a brand-name product. For my assignment I chose my father. He has been a loyal customer to Scott Paper Products since he was a child. He grew up using this product and this is the product that he bought for me and my brothers as we grew. When he was a child his mother bought this product for him and his brothers and sisters. The product that they used was Scott bathroom tissue and paper napkins.Scott Brand HistoryThe Scott Brand Products is a company that has a long history. Its products have been around for one-hundred and twenty-nine years. This company is well known for its bathroom tissue, and paper towels. It was the first company to introduce tissue paper to be used specifically for the toilet, designer prints, one thousand sheet products, and jumbo napkin packs.Starting in 1879 through the 1930's Scott Paper Company was founded by the brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott in Philadelphia. In 1902 Scott Paper Company purchased all rights to a company that made bathroom tissue. This company was called WALDORF.Through the 1931 to 1956 The Scott Brand was the first company to introduce paper napkins. The consumer market was introduced to a whole new category which is known as the paper towel. In the United States, Scott became the largest selling brand. Scott was the first brand to offer pastel colors in tissue and Big Roll paper towels.Through 1957 to 1964 Scott began TV advertising. Their...

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