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Running head: ADVERTISING PLAN AND BRIEFAdvertising Plan and Creative BriefMichael MillerUniversity of PhoenixMKT 447 - Advertising and Creative StrategyMichael Mancini Jr.May 16, 2009Advertising Plan and Creative StrategyObjectives StatementTo inform customers of the exciting newly beautified Baderman Island, the luxurious weekend escape designed to exceed customer expectations whether booked for business or a little R&R. Baderman Island's goal is for our staff to greet its customers, cater to their every need, and welcome them back to the island many more times for an experience like no other.Support StatementBaderman Island is self-contained in 1600 acres of pure relaxation and recreation for couples or the whole family, the perfect spot for a weekend escape. The island's unique attractions such as the endangered species of butterflies, botanical gardens, and nature hiking trails capture the essence and beauty of the island making it an exquisite paradise that one must experience!Tone Character StatementBaderman Island is the premiere destination ideal for business, personal, or pleasure. Baderman Island is extremely versatile as the staff's ultimate pleasure is to cater to large groups, families, and intimate weekend get-aways. The island has recently completed vast renovations including the addition of many activities customized to perfect any last minute or advance planned weekend getaway!In order to promote Baderman Island effectively as the utopia weekend get-away, the tone must be whimsical, informative without being pushy, pleasing and inclusive, inviting, and has to have an air of excitement or wonderment. The message to be conveyed to potential vacationers must be two fold: it must highlight the many benefits of planning corporate meetings and team building events while also focusing on how to capture its consumer target market. Since the island does cater to the business atmosphere, the message should highlight the different features such as meeting rooms and team building events that positively represent the island in terms of standards and expectations. The message should also allow consumers to picture Baderman Island as a vacation destination perfect for weekend get-aways providing ultimate pleasure, rest, and relaxation.Rational and Emotional AppealsBaderman Island is an all-inclusive resort destination that features gift shops, boutiques and emotional appeals along the shore. The Royal Resorts gift shops and boutiques have everything for the family during the stay including casual wear for men, women, and children. Stop for swimsuits, sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, wraps, bags and a variety of appealing handcrafted ethnic jewelry that make wonderful accessories for a tanned look. The three different hotels to pick from at Baderman Island help to meet individual needs along with fun, exciting and relaxing activities.The Baderman Island Oasis Spa is a unique and special attraction for...

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